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Administrative Potholes in the Southern Access Road to Half Moon Bay

June 19, 2006

Here’s the drill: First must come completion of a long overdue and behind schedule land survey of the southern access road to Half Moon Bay. Next comes the compilation of a Metes and Bounds report. Then, that information must be passed to Westchester County. And finally, the village must review and sign an inter-municipality agreement with the county.

All these steps must be taken before Half Moon Bay residents can take advantage of a short cut out the back of their gated community, a road terminating at the entrance to Croton Point Park. So mad are some residents over the unseemly delay they are writing letters to Village Manager Herbek in search of answers.

As reported at the June 5, 2006, board meeting, according to the Mayor the delay in opening the access road is the fault of an unidentified surveyor who is both irresponsible and unresponsive to village communications, although the village presumably has an enforceable contract made by the Schmidt administration.

Video transcript:

From the Village Board of Trustees Meeting on June 5, 2006:

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “Something we are going to have to mention briefly is the southern access road and—“

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Yes.”

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “We hired a surveyor, I think it was back in the fall—“

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “This is the southern access road at Half Moon Bay.”

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “Yeah.“

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Right.”

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “To, to do the survey work. We can’t open up the southern access road until we’ve completed the survey including the [inaudible] description of the section of roadway. And then, that has to finds its way into an inter-municipal agreement, or license agreement I guess with Westchester County. Ah, unfortunately, the surveyor has not produced ah, the necessary documents ah, for us in a timely fashion and we have had to terminate that agreement and we’ve entered into a new agreement with a new firm to do the survey work. We’re hoping, I think the timeframe was six weeks for the turnaround time. Ah, so we’re trying to move this process along. I know that the a lot of Half Moon Bay Discovery Cove people have been looking forward to opening up the road. We can’t do it until we complete this last necessary step and then enter in to the documents with Westchester County.

Trustee Charlie Kane: “Do you need another resolution for—“

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “No.”

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “What happened to the other guy Mayor?”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “He just didn’t do the work. Plain and simple.”

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “Did we pay him the money”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “No, no. And he, he ah, he was the one who was hired that did the survey work initially and that’s why we figured that he had all of the information an he could do it you know in no time but he just hasn’t produced work so we—“

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “So, we just lost time?”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “So, we just have lost time and we apologize to the residents of Half Moon Bay that—“

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “Some of them have written letters.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “This thing has been going—“

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “[inaudible] was the guy who was doing it before that.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Right, exactly—“

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “And couldn’t come through—“

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “You know ah, I know many of us kept pestering Mr. Herbek and poor Dan O’Connor back there and they did their utmost best to contact this gentleman to get him to do the work and he made promise after promise that he was going to do it and just never, never happened so. We will move this along as fast as possible. It is time to get this done so—“

From the LWV candidate debate on February 3, 2005:

Candidate Thomas Brennan: “I have 25 years in the construction industry. I am capable of overseeing projects, looking at the way projects are bid, looking at the way the are started, moved upon and the way that they are finished. This board, I don’t believe that there is anybody on this board that has the capability of doing that. I bring that service to this board. Okay. No, that’s just one example of the way things can be cut—supplies, equipment, following through and making sure that projects are done on time and hat they are brought in on budget. That’s were money can be saved to bring some of the debt down and pay some of the debt services. We need to look at that. It’s a priority. We have to make that happen. I can bring that to you people. Thank you.”

From the Village Board of Trustees Meeting on June 5, 2006:

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Again, ah my apologies and our apologies to the residents at Half Moon Bay. We will work as fast as we can to get those Metes and Bounds ah, things that we need so we can get that access open because I know you’ve all been waiting for that because it would make your lifes alot, lives a lot easier. In fact, somebody sent a letter indicating that they ah, are unfortunately at the far end of Half Moon Bay and have eleven speed bumps that have to traverse just to get out of Half Moon Bay and if they could go out the other way, they would have no speed bumps. So, I can well understand you know, their ah, urgency to want to get that open. Um, but we will do everything we can to get that going.”







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