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When Will Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt Begin to Exercise his Authority?

June 21, 2006


Since Richard Pellicci has attacked the very process of filming board meetings along with Crotonblog and since he has chosen to introduce himself so vociferously into a public policy issue, he cannot argue that his right to privacy has been invaded by a prying camera operator (see: “An Out-of-Control Richard Pellicci Rages Over ‘Listening Session’”). If anything, by commanding that the camera be turned off him, Mr. Pellicci has interfered with the public’s right to know.

It is to be earnestly desired that the Mayor will instruct the camera operator to continue to focus on the speaker at the podium and that the Mayor also will forbid anyone at the podium from directing the activities of a village employee. Speakers at the podium must understand that they are appearing at a public forum and that they cannot command the camera be turned away from them any more than they can command that the microphone be turned off.

The Mayor was at fault in not rapping his gavel and saying, “Just a minute, Mr. Pellicci. You do not control or direct procedures at public meetings.” Then, to the camera operator, “Please turn the camera toward the podium.” Instead, the Mayor, who is quick to chastise a trustee, sat passively and let Mr. Pellicci get out of hand.

Therefore, Crotonblog is compelled to ask, “What’s up, Doc? When will Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt begin to exercise his authority?”


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