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FAA to Route Commercial Flights over Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants

June 26, 2006

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A recent proposal by the FAA contemplates changing the flight plan for aircraft departing and arriving at Westchester County Airport. Such proposal would route such aircraft directly above Croton-on-Hudson and the Indian Point Nuclear Reactors. (see

Westchester County Executive, Andrew Spano, is challenging this proposal and requesting additional impact studies be made. Mr. Spano has asked that Westchester residents who oppose such proposal without additional study send letters to the FAA. You can email the FAA at ( Alternatively, you can send a letter by mail to:

Steve Kelley
FAA-NAR, c/o Ram Nagendran
12005 Sunrise Valley Drive, C3.02
Reston, VA 20191

A sample letter follows:

To the FAA:

I am writing to concur with Westchester County Executive Spano’s critique of the FAA proposal to re-route aircraft taking off from the Westchester County Airport. Under this proposal, hundreds of thousands of people in Westchester would be affected by noise. In addition, it is ridiculous to fly aircraft over the Indian Point nuclear reactors. That is a significant security risk.

Westchester County has raised many valid concerns about the FAA proposal. A Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement is needed that will address our many concerns.

(Your name, your home town)

— David Becker


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