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On the Set with a Little More "Tenderness" in Croton

June 28, 2006

2006 06_2785.JPG

Lest we thought that the crew of the upcoming movie “Tenderness” starring Aussie actor Russell Crowe and actress Laura Dern had left our midst here in Croton-on-Hudson; we find that they have quietly moved northward and inland away from the Hudson and Croton Point Park to do some more filming at our own Black Rock Park (satellite map) this week. On Tuesday, June 27, 2006, there were some scenes shot along lower Quaker Bridge Road and right near the bridge crossing the Croton River just south of Black Rock Park.

2006 06_2784.JPG

In the old movie rating style of Siskel and Ebert; two thumbs way up for one of our many loyal bloggers, “CW”, who stealthily alerted us this morning that there was a movie being shot at Black Rock. The blog dispatched an editor to the scene to “paparazzi” around and check out the action. “CW” also told the blog that there were Croton-on-Hudson emergency service vehicles and personnel at Black Rock overnight. However, it is not yet known if they were there to aid any of the crew involved in the filming, while everything seemed to be in order and very busy over there during the day.

2006 06_2786.JPG

Despite a very noticeable Westchester County Police presence in and around Black Rock; some photos were snapped and we were able to confirm with several of the film crew that it was in fact Tenderness that was being filmed there. There were no Russell Crowe or Laura Dern sightings to report. We did spot some of the other actors like Sophie Traub walking back to Black Rock from the area of the bridge.

2006 06_2789.JPG

Tenderness, as we reported previously, is a movie based on the 1997 psychological thriller by Robert Cormier about a 15 year old girl Lori Cranston, played by actress Sophie Traub, who runs away from home again to escape her mother’s latest boyfriend and is looking for someone to be “tender” with her. While on the run she spots recently released serial killer Eric Poole, played by actor Jon Foster, on TV and becomes fixated on him. Lori had met Eric when she was 12, and seeing him on TV, reawakens passionate emotions in her teenage psyche. Eric too is looking for someone to be tender with, although for him it usually means something darker.

2006 06_2790.JPG

When the two troubled teens get together they embark on a captivating journey that will either save or destroy them. The inane Russell Crowe plays Detective Cristofouro who must figure out if Eric Poole has murdered his own family. Actress Laura Dern has recently been added to the cast and her role in the film is not yet clear.

2006 06_2791.JPG

So, if you are driving near Black Rock this week, remember to stay alert and watch for any Aussies crossing the road. It will be fun to see the movie next year and spot all of the Croton landmarks in the background. The novel received very favorable reviews so perhaps the movie will too.


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