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Croton's Top Dogs Renew Service Contract with SPCA

July 2, 2006

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So you find a stray pet… Besides posting a flyer around town, Croton residents should call the local Westchester SPCA.

In fact, recently Croton Trustees unanimously passed a resolution to continue funding—at a cost of $6,111.00—a share of SPCA operations for a nearby facility located at 590 North State Road in neighboring Briarcliff Manor.

So important to Croton are the services which the SPCA of Westchester provides to Croton that both Trustees Ann Gallelli and Charlie Kane took the opportunity to inform residents about some helpful guidelines and common practices for using the agency’s services. For more information and hours of operations, call 914-941-2894 or visit

Video transcript:

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “The next resolution reads as follows: WHEREAS, the Village of Croton on Hudson has entered into an agreement with the SPCA of Westchester Inc. to provide animal shelter care on an annual basis; and

WHEREAS, the costs are increasing to operate this very necessary facility and the agreement reflects a modest increase and now needs to be renewed for the next fiscal year commencing June 1, 2006 – May 31, 2007;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: that the Village Manager is hereby authorized to sign the agreement with the SPCA of Westchester, Inc. to provide certain services to the Village for seized, stray and homeless dogs and cats in accordance with the terms of the agreement at the annual cost of $6,111.00.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “On the motion. Thank you Trustee Wiegman. Second by Trustee Gallelli. Discussion?”

Trustee Leo Wiegman: “The SPCA does a good job for us [crosstalk].”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Exactly. We could do this on our own but it would cost us a lot more so.”

Trustee Ann Gallelli: “I think its important for residents to know that um, if they find a stray, a cat or a dog, a resident of Croton by virtue of this agreement can take that animal to the SPCA ah, within the hours of operation that they have and ah—”

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “And they’ll just take ‘em.”

Trustee Ann Gallelli: “They’ll take them, yes.”

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “Free of charge.”

Trustee Charlie Kane: “I think its also important to note that in the contract, they have a right to refuse to take animals that are of an advanced age, animals that are ill, pregnant, injured in any way, having a skin disorder, a history of bites or aggression and they also will not accept Pit Bulls.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “They won’t accept what?”

Trustee Charlie Kane: “They will not accept Pit Bulls. They have a great difficulty accepting Pit Bulls and placing them.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Yeah, you can’t even adopt out a Pit Bull in some communities without bringing in your homeowners liability policy.”

Trustee Charlie Kane: “Very difficult.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Yeah. So. Okay.”

Trustee Thomas Brennan: “Very good.”

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “This is approved right?”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Ah, I’m sorry. All those in favor?”

Collectively: “Aye.”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Thank you.”


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