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In His Own Mind, Richard Pellicci is the Judge of a Civilized Community

July 11, 2006

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Video Transcript:

Richard Pellicci: “Now, speaking of entities, I implore these same Trustees (Gallelli, Kane, Wiegman) to do everything in their power to see that this, this local chat room known as the Crotonblog will cease producing the stupidity and misinformation it has been spewing for the past several months. Your own leadership has said that this chat room is part of the reason why you all were elected. As pathetic as that statement is to why anyone would want their names linked with this moronic chat room is anyone’s guess. This is your baby and this baby needs to be put to be bed once and for all. This type of chat room has no place in any civilized community. I can see why people that post on it rarely give their names.

Now can I give you an update on something that is not on the agenda? Or should I wait for non-agenda?”

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: “Is it short and sweet?”

Richard Pellicci: “Yeah, pretty short and sweet. Alright. For more positive information, an update on the CANDO Crew. The circle and the island on Benedict and Cleveland have been planted. I would like to thank the Rec. Department for ordering the plants, Croton Country Gardens for the delivery, and Karen Nochella for the use of her driveway for the delivery. And GB DBW DPW for the use of their orange cones.

Also a side note for the people who work in that DPW facility because I’ve been down there pretty often lately. It really is in pretty sad shape and they really could use a new facility.

And just a side note. Isn’t it great when a bunch of residents of this Village get together to do something visually positive? Imagine what could happen here is our energies were spent on these types of projects rather than wasting our time on this nonsense for the past 8 years. Thank you very much.”

On July 11, 2006 10:05 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

What a meglomaniac - why on earth would he think that he is the arbiter of what constitutes “civilised”. Having watched his performance at many board meeting, if that is his idea of civility, then he truly is delusional. And, Mr. Pellicci, the reason that many people do not post under their own names is that they fear retribution from the likes of Ms. Cudaquest and you—car keying, stalking etc., etc.


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