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Croton Board Resolves with Favor to Independent Safety Assesment for Leaky Indian Point Nuke Plants

July 15, 2006

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The Croton Village Board of Trustees unanimously passed a Independent Safety Assesment (ISA) resolution on July 10, 2006 during their latest regularly scheduled meeting. CrotonCIP—represented by Gary Shaw—presented the following resolution to the Board, which had already passed resolution regarding the plant’s closure and the evacuation plan. Glenn Rickles led the effort to obtain the Board’s support for the resolution and drafted the resolution.

The request sent to the Board and the actual resolution, which follow, are presented as an exhibit for others in surrounding communities to use in approaching their local leaders regarding Indian Point. The Croton Board amended the resolution by stating that they would send copies to all of the legislators mentioned as initiators or supporters of the ISA legislation.

Request for Adoption of ISA Resolution:

Steering Committee
P.O. Box 134
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

July 6, 2006

Board of Trustees
Village of Croton-on-Hudson
Municipal Building
1 Van Wyck Street
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

Dear Members of the Board of Trustees:

Croton Close Indian Point (Croton CIP) respectfully presents the enclosed proposed Resolution Supporting an Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of the Indian Point Power Plant for your consideration and, we trust, your adoption. We thank you for your past support of resolutions calling for closure and decommissioning, and in opposition to relicensing. We believe that this resolution represents simply a call for transparency to validate the claims of public safety made repeatedly by Entergy and the NRC.

As you are likely aware, Indian Point is an aging nuclear power plant that has been fraught with problems and has accumulated one of the worst safety records of any nuclear plant in the United States. It was the first plant to ever receive a “Red Rating’ from the NRC. While the current owners have made large capital investments in the plant, operational problems and potential public health and safety issues have not been abated. Currently, Indian Point is experiencing an unresolved and long term leakage of known carcinogenic nuclides. The leaks of radioactive elements, including Tritium, Cesium and Strontium 90, were first discovered almost a year ago and have still not been resolved. The operators still cannot definitively say that all sources of the leakage have been found, nor can they determine how much contaminated water has leaked. What is known is that test wells have shown concentrations of radioactive elements at many times the EPA allowable level. Perhaps most disturbing is that nether IP’s owner, Entergy, nor the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, feel that the ongoing and uncontrolled pooling of the contaminated effluents, and their migration to the Hudson River are a potential problem of public health and safety. As we residents know, the Hudson River is a source of food, a place of recreation and an ecosystem.

In addition to the unresolved leakage, there have been repeated problems with the emergency siren system, and it took an act of Congress to compel Entergy to finally commit to replacing the existing sirens. However, the newly planned system has also come under criticism from the NRC because it apparently does not provide complete coverage of the 10 mile emergency evacuation zone surrounding the plant. The problems with the siren system are then compounded by the futility of the existing emergency evacuation plan. The most comprehensive evaluation of that plan was conducted by former FEMA Director James Lee Witt, whose conclusions were that the plan “is inadequate to protect the public from an unacceptable dose of radiation.”

With the publicly known problems IP presents, and with the high likelihood that Entergy will be filing for a 20-year license extension, a bi-partisan group of elected officials, including Senator Clinton, Representatives Kelly, Lowey, Engel, Hinchey and Shays, have proposed legislation to mandate an Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of Indian Point. The Attorneys General of New York and Connecticut, and NYS Comptroller Alan Hevesi have also supported the call for this independent assessment. The enclosed Resolution supports these officials’ actions and the bills introduced in the US Senate and House of Representatives. We have enclosed copies of the proposed bills for your review.

As a reflection of the public’s support for this evaluation, at Croton’s Summerfest, some 500 residents and visitors signed petitions calling for an ISA of Indian Point, and at the Clearwater Revival Festival, some 5000 attendees signed similar petitions calling for this action.

Regardless of an individual’s perspective on whether Indian Point should continue to operate, we believe that all can agree that an independent inspection of operating and safety systems would benefit the public, and potentially restore confidence in the operators and regulators of the nuclear plant in the most densely populated area of our country. People who reside in close proximity to Indian Point deserve to be fully informed of all of the safety issues, all of the maintenance issues and all of the evacuation issues that Indian Point presents.

Our health and safety and the health and safety of the children of Croton deserve no less.

We urge you to adopt the ISA Resolution for the benefit of all Croton residents. Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,

Croton Close Indian Point Steering Committee

  • Joseph Biber
  • Mary Cronin
  • Batya Halpern
  • Ann Harbeson
  • Nacy Kochanowicz
  • Christine Puente
  • Glenn Rickles
  • Gary Shaw
  • Laura Seitz


WHEREAS, Entergy is the owner and operator of two nuclear power plants, Indian Point 2 and Indian Point 3, located in Buchanan, New York, and

WHEREAS, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is the federal regulatory agency overseeing, regulating and licensing IP2 and IP3, and

WHEREAS, the NRC has the power and authority to mandate an Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of IP2 and IP3, and

WHEREAS, the NRC, in spite of the problems and safety issues experienced by IP2 and IP3, has refused to mandate an ISA of IP2 and IP3, and

WHEREAS, legislation has been introduced in both Houses of the US Congress, by Senator Hillary Clinton, Representatives Sue Kelly, Nita Lowey, Elliot Engel, Maurice Hinchey and Christopher Shays, that mandates the NRC to conduct a Maine Yankee style ISA on the vital systems of Indian Point and require FEMA to justify, with specificity, its approval of the IP evacuation plan despite the findings of the 2003 Witt Report, and

WHEREAS, the Attorneys General of New York and Connecticut support this legislation as well as the NY Comptroller Alan Hevesi , and

WHEREAS, taking into consideration the historical safety record of Indian Point, the current uncontrolled and uncorrected leaks of radioactive materials as compared to the health and safety of Croton residents, now therefore it is

RESOLVED, that the Croton Board of Trustees supports the legislation currently before Congress that mandates the Independent Safety Assessment of IP2 and IP3 which would:

  1. include a “vertical slice” review of all operating systems,
  2. include a “horizontal” review of all plant maintenance,
  3. be conducted by independent experts,
  4. be monitored by local officials, and
  5. include a rigorous re-evaluation of the feasibility of the evacuation plan for Indian Point;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the citizens of Croton, because of their close proximity to Indian Point, deserve to have a clear and accurate assessment of any and all safety problems or issues that are currently known or may be discovered at Indian Point; and that these issues be presented to the public in a timely manner after discovery.


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