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Chickenhawk Cheney: We are the War Party

July 24, 2006

King of the Chickenhawks, Dick “Sure Shot” Cheney has gone parabolic in his logging of frequent flyer miles at the expense of the American taxpayer. Cheney has been literally cross-crossing the country for much of the summer stumping for many Republican Congressional candidates in the lead-up to the crucial November mid-term elections. It is crucial for the Bush Administration to maintain control of Congress for the last two plus years of a disastrous and bungling presidency. If not, then their unconstitutional expansion of presidential power, abuse of signing statements, and shadow government escapades will be exposed far sooner than they can legally stand.

With no domestic agenda or achievements to speak of other than rampant corruption, incompetence and cronyism; the Republicans have once again latched on to 9/11 and the war on terror as their central campaign issue. It is pathetic how this White House has profited from that horrible day while getting no justice for any of the victims whose only mistake was going to work on that otherwise beautiful September morning. While our nation will never forget that day—and shouldn’t—it is even more pathetic that the Bush White House has never wanted to move the nation beyond that day for its own political gains.

Never missing an opportunity to politically or financially profit from a war, Cheney strangely pointed out that the new round of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah is the very reason why Republicans should maintain control of Congress. Huh? I thought Congress’ job was to take care of the needs and politics of its home regions and states, to fight for its people back home and improve the quality of life for all Americans.

While Bush stumped in Iowa last week; Cheney wisely told Republicans at a campaign stop Friday in Tampa that it is “vital that we keep national security at the top of the agenda”; perhaps because he knows that every other issue they have faced has been handled with deplorable results. Perhaps it is the Bush Administration’s seriously flawed and mortally dangerous foreign policy that is to blame for many of the near out of control conflicts that are escalating around the globe.

The so-called Bush Doctrine has been beyond a disaster for America; it alone has severely threatened our national security. While W, Sure-Shot and Rumsy poorly planned the Iraqi invasion; they let Osama bin-Laden escape to who knows where. The Taliban is now coming back in to power in Afghanistan while civil war rages in Iraq; all at the expense of our undersized forces in those regions. And North Korea has been busy building up its nuclear capabilities due to neglect from our busy “war-time” President and government.

And a story today in the Washington Post sights intelligence analysts saying that Pakistan, a major base of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and “ally of ours in the war on terror”, is building a nuclear reactor of such great size that is will be capable of producing 40 to 50 nuclear warheads year within only a couple of years. White House spokesman Tony Snow said this morning that the U.S. has been aware of Pakistan’s activities for some time and since that country has never signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty they develop their own capabilities independently. Snow also said the White House has NOT asked for assurances from Pakistan that these reactors not be used to make weapons. What?

November is coming…


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