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Summer of "Luv" 2006 in Croton-on-Hudson

July 31, 2006

What a treat. The houselights dimmed and silence descended in the Fred Blais Auditorium at CHHS a few weeks ago. Parents, grandparents and friends of our youngest Thespians sat in anxious anticipation as the curtain was raised. The room then exploded with the music and songs of this special bunch of kids. And a most amazing thing struck this member of the audience. As we looked across the stage trying to spot our kids, it was dramatic to realize that every single child up there was smiling from ear to ear. They were having the time of their young lives as they sang, danced and delivered their lines almost without mistakes. Even the few slip-ups generated giggles and laughter. There was no embarrassment and every child was star. It was a treasure to watch and is one more thing to add to our list of why weluvcrtn. The kids are to be congratulated and many of the involved adults deserve our thanks and praise.

And from the fun and excitement of Children’s Theatre, this theatre lover moved on to the outstanding performance of Grease by our Croton Teen Theatre. The summer productions, sponsored by the Croton/Cortlandt Council of the Arts just get better each year. We thought the performance of Sussical last year was pure delight and we were not disappointed this year when we attended the performance of Grease. It was lively, peppy and the enthusiasm was contagious.

Videostreaming of Village Board meetings have begun. We think this is huge contribution to residents who can now watch the actual board meetings at any time of the day or night fitting their individual schedules. It permits is to witness for ourselves our government in action and to become knowledgeable about issues affecting our quality of life in this special village. Just go to

It saddens us to see Darretta Art Gallery closing its doors. We wish them success in their future endeavors and have enjoyed having them here in the village, if only for a short time. This may be yet one more reminder that we need to support our local merchants in every way we can. Our local stores offer quality goods and services that we will not find in the big box stores so let’s remember to Think Local!

The horrific tragedies taking place in the Middle East should remind us of just how fortunate we are here in Croton. One of our readers shared a wonderful story with us and we pass it on to you s valuable food for thought. It came from a great little book called “A Walk on the Beach” by Joan Anderson. Ms. Anderson tells it much more eloquently but we’ll try summarizing a part for you.

The book is filled with delightful insights about a special friendship formed between a 50+ year old young woman and a 95+ year old widow. As the two friends walked through an old cemetery one day, the old gal paused by one headstone and said to her friend, “Oh yes, I remember Jerry, he was a special man who really lived in the dashes.” Her young friend was puzzled and said “what do you mean ‘he lived in the dashes’? She replied … “Oh my dear, we must always live in the dashes.” And she went on to read the inscription on the headstone aloud.

Martin Jerome, a good man, father and friend. Born 1898—Died 1957

“We must always live in the dashes, she said. It makes no difference when we’re born or when we die. The important thing is how we live in the dashes.”

And so friends, let’s enjoy the rest of this lazy, hazy summer before our kids head back to school and away to college. Can you believe it’s August already and our school year calendar is almost upon us. So, let’s enjoy these last few weeks, keep on luvincrtn and live well and happily in these dashes.


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