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The Internet is a Series of Tubes

August 2, 2006

It was astoundingly funny and downright alarming all at once to hear Alaska Senator Ted Stevens incoherently speak about his concept of what the internet really is during a Senate debate on the critical subject of net neutrality. He boiled it down brilliantly to a few simple words that even the most clairvoyant would have a tough time understanding what the intended message was supposed to be. Listen here… it is not edited!!! Really.

Senator Stevens is of course a Republican and has served 37 years in Washington—far too many it seems. He is also the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. He even has a law degree from prestigious Harvard Law School—they should start discounting their tuition. Ted Stevens is the Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation—he is in charge of the committee that oversees technology legislation and the future of the internet as you now use it; even though he doesn’t quite seem to get it. Amazing.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show breaks it down for us here. Funny.


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