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Transparent Scare Tactics in Croton That Are Truly Scary--for Democracy

August 16, 2006

Two weeks ago, Croton’s three Democratic trustees were fingered as the “Cash for Trash Trio.” But last Monday night, the real enemy of “the few” was re-introduced to Croton residents as the “Trash Terrorists” by the “Trash-sniffing Twosome.” And, according to the shared logic of Robert Wintermeier (watch video or search) and confederate Richard Pellicci (watch video or search), these “Trash Terrorists” are part of what the Twosome describes as the “Trash Alliance” with whom the “Cash for Trash Trio” allegedly sympathizes.

Holy Dick Cheney Batman!

That’s right, Robin, Croton Republican Committee affiliate and Maria Cudequest (search) trainbearer Robert Wintermeier used the “T” word in a feeble attempt to scare residents into supporting his idol’s hysteric cause.

And most recently, the only letters relating to the “fight,” that have graced the “letters” section of The Gazette, flagrantly disguised as desperate calls to battle, came from cheerleader Maria Denise Cudequest, her live-in companion, a local recluse named William Rooney whose relationship is so close that he writes in her inimitable letter-writing style, and a self-congratulating community gardener known as “Rich” to Trustee Thomas Brennan but known to those who favor childishly drawn editorial cartoons diguised as letters to the editor as Richard Pellicci.

Then came Thursday and the Batphone started blinking.

And with it, the arrival of the August 10, 2006 edition of The Gazette, which has become a community bulletin board for the Johnny-one-note bellyachers. Hardliners Don Daubney, David Goldman, Marie Yurchuk and Richard Pellicci (of course) all answered their own call by writing to denounce any participation by the Village in discussions about the future of the property at 1A Croton Point Avenue (the hideout for the “Trash Alliance” of “Trash Terrorists”).

Most slumber-inducing of all the letters was the one that marked the return of corpulent GOP Chairman Rob DiFrancesco (remember him? if not, search.). It was Rob who led his Republican candidates to a crushing defeat in the Village election held last March. It was that very trouncing which subsequently left the former Republican majority powerless only after one-year of having their own way. Needless to say, Mr. DiFrancesco comes late to the game. After all, he was in Middle School when former construction and demolition (C&D) transfer site operator Metro Enviro opened in 1996. The letter—like others written in his echo chamber—lacks merit, is toned in aggression and will not likely draw the additional support he seeks for his mayor’s unpopular cause.

After all, Mr. DiFrancesco is really back in the thick of it because under-performing rookies Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt (see: “What’s Up Doc?”) and Trustee Thomas Brennan are both up for re-election in six months time and are seen as very vulnerable.

In a scene befitting Police Commissioner James Gordon, but played by Village Manager Rick Herbek, was the revelation of very serious developments in the case of the “Trash Alliance” to residents during the Monday, August 14, 2006 board meeting (agenda).

In the following video, Manager Herbek describes a realistic scene where Buffalo Southern Railroad, now armed with an interim track agreement with rail owner CSX, seeks to take delivery of three train cars full of building sand—held since May 2006—and begin transporting gypsum-board scraps from Buchanan-based drywall manufacturer Lafarge North America Inc., by rail out of Croton.

Soon, there may well be lots of new sand delivered to Croton for both members of the “No Negotiating” contingent of Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt and Trustee Thomas Brennan to bury their heads in.

Video clip:

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On September 2, 2006 2:49 AM, ossining said:

I am happy I moved out of Croton and now live in Ossining. It is odd to me that everyone in Croton who complains about all the traffic on 9 doesn’t want to help take the big dangerous trucks off the road. STOP BEING NIMBYS. I lived in Harmon, about 250-feet as the crow flies from Metro Enviro and the dust was rarely ever a problem. The smells coming off the Metro North yard were far worse than anything from Enviro.


There is construction and demolition debris that originates from within Croton, and the immediate surrounding areas why not let it ship out safely by rail? Even what comes in by truck, last I checked Metro Enviro was about 100-feet off the highway! Its not like the trucks will kill little Jonny while he plays in the street. And as long as they agree to do the trans-loading inside the building – the dust will be NILL!

Before anyone who lives in Half Moon Bay complains, let me remind you – you live in land that was a rail yard, and is still bordered by a huge rail yard. Believe me, the pollution is NOT coming from a 10-acre site like Enviro that only works 1 shift a day – where as Metro North is 24/7!

Get real people – you make the debris – where is it supposed to go?!?!?!

Every time you fix your house and there is a sheetrock scrap, or a few extra pieces of wood left over – and you throw them out – do you think they just go POOF?

I currently live in the Crotonville, section of Ossining, and am about 3000’ as the crow flies from the site, and I fully support it because SEMI TRUCKS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM EVERYTHING EXCEPT INTERSTATE HIGHWAYS, everything should be transported locally in smaller vehicles and then put on railcars for movement to or near their destinations.

Lets also remember, without the railroads Croton would be nothing – it might not exist – it might just be the soggy area between Ossining and Cortlandt, no town. Let the railroad be the railroad – and let Croton have the tax dollars from the revenue generated by Metro Enviro/BSOR/NIR/Whoever. Let there be jobs, let there be employment for generations to come, let those employees patronize local stores and businesses and boost our local economy!

IT SERVES US ALL WELL to let operations there go on!

STOP BEING A NIMBY – if you want to live in paradise, Bermuda is that-a-ways.

On August 26, 2006 9:49 AM, dors said:

I, too, was disappointed with the use of the word corpulent to describe Rob. What matters is what the chairman says not what he looks like.

As for the tedious Gazette editorials one would surmise from them we’ll soon be walking around with gas masks on. Konig’s letter was particularly funny with her description of the rows and rows of “garbage” laden rail cars we’re subjected to when driving on Rte 9. I must say one can’t differentiate from the rows and rows of box cars that have been in the CSX West Yard for 20+ years.

It’s also ridiculous to compare the trustees work to maintain the beauty and safety of the Croton river to the trustees pursuing prudent negotiations with the new operators of 1A Croton Point Ave. Both issues are too important to Croton to be taken lightly. So I say to Ms. Sasso and Co., stop with the theatrics. It’s getting boring and the sky is not falling.

On August 24, 2006 6:19 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

Having just read the Gazzette (more fool me), I have to register my disgust at the Letters to the Editor. The same sad crew - Cudaquest, Rooney, Konig, now joined by Ottaviano Sasso, continue to spout fear and untruths as gospel. Sasso asks if we are to be “treated to long letters every week” from the “gang of Three”, conveniently forgetting that her leader Maria Denise Cudaquest and her live in partner William Rooney “treat” us all to long missives almost every week with their same pathetic carping about Metro Enviro - long since gone. Ottaviano Sasso however, goes one step beyond by accusing Weigamn, Galleli and Kane of harming the health and safety of village residents and equating what might transpire at Croton Point Avenue with what happened at the World Trade Center. That is fear mongering at it’s worst, a typical tactic of those who promote the non-negotiation stance of Schmidt and Brennan which will lose the village any chance of control over this site.

On August 18, 2006 9:55 AM, Seth Davis said:

I defer to nobody in my distaste for those Gazette letters, and take second to nobody in my love for this blog, but I must take issue with your use of the term “corpulent” to describe Rob DiFrancesco.

I have never met Rob, and had already formed a low (but charitable) opinion of him through reading his writings. Knowledge of his physical appearance added nothing to that opinion.

There are plenty of corpulent people around, on both sides of the aisle, and I, from time to time, am among that number. To condemn someone’s views before he even opens his mouth is (pardon the term) grossly unfair. Especially when he shows no hesitation in opening that mouth and providing ample material.

I don’t know Rob, and I don’t agree with much of what he says, but I think it’s wonderful that someone of his age is involved in politics. My own son, a bit younger, is getting more involved, and I would hope that when HE has something to say you would listen to it without poking fun at whatever physical characteristic catches your eye. Let’s not be condescending—after all, Rob has shown that despite his tender age he is quite capable of writing drivel on a par with his compatriots of more advanced years.

Meanwhile, it was my son, not I, who forked over the 75 cents (unbelievable) for last week’s Gazette. He bought it because he heard there were ridiculous letters in it. I believe these ridiculous letters are printed mainly to increase the Gazette’s circulation. Accordingly, and in view of the fact that I no longer have a pet whose litter box needs lining, I will no longer pay money for the Gazette.

On August 16, 2006 6:23 PM, weewill said:

You beat me to it Crotonblog. The behaviour of Wintermeier and Pellici must be decried by decent people. You were much gentler than I am inclined to be.

To call someone a “terrorist” in this day and age is about as low as one can get. We thought Mr. Wintermeier and Mr. Pellici were out of line by using the term “cash for trash” and all it implies several weeks ago. Last Monday they outdid even their previous efforts to malign good people.

The label “trash terrorist” is far worse. It conjures up the most despicable and reprehensible kind of deceitful behaviour. They took it upon themselves to paint three of the hardest working, most dedicated and tireless leaders in the history of Croton with the evil label “terrorist.” Every decent Crotonite should be outraged.

Further, Deputy Mayor Tom Brennan showed a total lack of courage when he failed to exercise any control over his ardent supporters. He, as the sitting Chair, had an opportunity to demonstrate his ability to conduct a productive meeting dealing with village issues - and not allow character assasination.

We will not and should not allow such blatant disrespect and ugliness go unchallenged.

Georgianna Grant


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