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Croton to Reissue Free Weekend Train Station Parking Permits to Residents

August 21, 2006

On the weekends, residents of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson may park for free at the Croton Harmon train station from Fridays at 7:00 PM to midnight on Sundays.

However, permits are required. In fact, on August 14, 2006, Trustee Ann Gallelli announced a renewed effort by the village to monitor usage of the lot. As a result, Croton officials are requiring residents to replace their existing permits with a new one. The current permits have no expiration date and are not matched to a vehicle license plate number. Thus, the permits are easily transferable and are being used by people who no longer live in the Village of Croton-on-Hudson.

With the current weekend permits to soon be deemed invalid, residents must bring their driver’s license, motor vehicle registration and proof of residency to the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building during business hours to obtain a new sticker. The new permits—which will be available in September—will be valid for two years and numbered to reference the vehicle plate number and the address of the owner. Additional permits for other cars owned by residents are also available at no charge.

Video clip:

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Video transcript:

Trustee Ann Gallelli: “Ah, and the other thing I wanted to raise is about weekend parking permits. Up until now, all resident of Croton have been able to get free weekend parking permits which allows us to park there, in the railroad parking lot from 7:00 PM Fridays, through Saturday, Through Sunday, through Sunday and on holidays. Um, due to the fact that um, there was no expiration date on the permits ah, some permits are being used apparently by people who have moved out of Croton but are still close enough to take advantage of the weekend parking at the railroad station. So, a new set of weekend permits is being printed which have an expiration date. I don’t think, have you received them yet?”

Treasurer Abraham Zambrano: “No we have not.”

Trustee Ann Gallelli: “But shortly, in the next month um. They’ll be available. Everybody who has a weekend, an old weekend parking permit, is being asked to come in, show your registration and get a new weekend parking permit.”

Treasurer Abraham Zambrano: “And also if I, this new permit will have an expiration date. So, every couple of years, residents will have to come to the Municipal Building to prove residency and get the new permits.”


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