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Croton Officials Warn Train Commuters of Possible Flooding

September 1, 2006

Since the great Croton Harmon train station parking lot flood of January 2006 (see: “Flood Waters Swamp Cars Again in Croton Harmon Commuter Parking Lot”), several new procedures have been implemented to warn commuters of impending high waters.


In fact, on Thursday, August 31, 2006, in anticipation of a confluence of stormy weather from Tropical Storm Eduardo and a lunar high tide, Village of Croton-on-Hudson staff placed white flyers on the windshields of parked cars to notify commuters that lot sections G and H would be closed for the next two days. The flyers explained why the sections would be closed, where alternate parking is permitted, and posted the times that shuttle bus service would be available for commuters to and from the temporary offsite parking areas.


In an effort to further amplify their alert, the village posted the notice on their website and utilized a new email notification system in conjunction with the flyer distribution on commuter’s vehicles. And on Friday, the day after alerting parking lot customer of their plan to close two sections of the parking lot, the outlined sections were indeed cordoned off with broad yellow ribbon tape.

For more information on Tropical Storm Ernesto, visit the National Hurricane Center. To learn how to purchase a Croton Harmon parking permit, get daily parking rates or sign up for email alerts, go to the “village parking” village website.

On September 1, 2006 5:15 PM, weewill said:

I love your post, Just The Facts - It’s exactly what “participatory government” is all about. No small group of a Mayor and 4 trustees can ever cover all contingencies. Our elected officials need our input, just as you’ve given it. The more brain power that’s put to solving problems, the better off the village is.

And who knows better than a daily “user” of the parking lot what will or will not work?

Thanks from one interested citizen to another.

Georgianna Grant

On September 1, 2006 10:12 AM, Just The Facts said:

It is certainly nice that the village is being pro-active (for a change) about the potential for flooding. They also seem to be on the right track as far as dealing with the situation on an interim basis (this is certainly not good for the long run).

That said, the planning does still need some fine tuning. In particular, the notices informed lot users that a shuttle bus would be in operation from 6AM to 8AM to take commuters to the station from more far flung locations (Shoprite). Nice idea, however, anyone familiar with the lot would tell you that at 6AM, even with the lot half closed, no one will be parking at Shoprite. However, somewhere around 8AM just as the shuttle bus is finishing its morning run, thats when the shuttle bus would be needed (after the early commuters have taken all the existing spaces).

Thankfully, today being the Friday before labor day, alot of people took the day off. However, next time the calendar is not so fortunate, it would make much more sense to change the time scheduling for the AM shuttle.


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