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Summer's End Silver Lake Style...

September 5, 2006


Labor Day marks the end of the official beach season at Silver Lake Park. Sob.


Residents of Croton-on-Hudson who did happen by the river on Monday, September 4, 2006, enjoyed a partly cloudy and cooler day with air temperatures in the upper seventies and a light breeze thanks to a passing Ernesto. Even though it was a cool day by Labor Day standards, many bathers took prolonged swims in the 70-degree river waters.


And by late afternoon, around 4:30 PM, park lifeguards (the most excellent) Tim, Peter, Gerry, Dermott, Joey and Devon (off duty; Lindsay, Katie, Carly & Amy) began removing floating section ropes from the river and the lifeguard chair from the beach.


Apprentices Matt and Max, seen below carrying the guard surfboard, also provided some assistance.


By 5:15 PM, with park supervisor Eugene helping the crew and the river now reverted to its natural state, it remains a place for summer memories past and many more to look forward to in 2007.



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