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Joann Minett Declares: "It (Pollutions) will Kill Our Lives"

September 6, 2006

Weeks ago, after a dramatic performance at the village microphone by faux citizen advocate Richard Pellicci, we asked a question. Our rhetorical query: “Is paranoia contagious and spreading in Croton-on-Hudson”? The answer: A resounding “Yes, indeed.”

The new phrase on Crazy Street is that the operator at 1A Croton Point Avenue “will kill our lives.” Worse, as Trustees Gallelli, Kane and Wiegman work in tandem with village attorneys toward a responsible resolution to Croton’s ongoing million-dollar legal battle, Maria Cudequest stand-in Joann Minett, in an emotionally charged plea, publicly demanded to know why they [the trustees] would “put nooses around our necks here in this village?” Nooses? One would like to think that Ms. Minett, a Croton-Harmon Union Free School District employee, meant it as a mere figure of speech. Nevertheless, one must assume that she was dead serious.

Pointedly, in words we’ve all heard before, Ms. Minett irresponsibly asserted that thousands of trucks will deliver pollution to the village and pollute the Hudson River—which she asserted Trustee Charlie Kane “passionately” fights to protect. Well, at least Ms. Minett got the part right about Trustee Charlie Kane’s passion for the river.

For eight years now, the Metro Enviro, Northeast Interchange Railway, Regus Industries, LLC., Greentree Realty, Buffalo Southern Railroad issue has been hyped contentiously by opponents raising undemonstrated dire consequences. And for eight years this small village has been divided and confused by their wild-eyed predictions.

And now, the desperate few, who were last heard begging for a referendum on the issue (which, under the New York State Constitution, is prohibited), have been left out in the cold with only their overblown doomsday chatter and empty threats to rouse the community. To use another figure of speech, this time their tired old message is “falling on deaf ears.”

Video clip:

Note: The poor sound quality (turn volume way up to hear) on this clip is a result of AV technical problems encountered by the village during the board meeting held on September 5, 2006.

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Video transcript:

Joann Minett: “I stand here in amazement that you would actually negotiate with this company that many citizens have brought before you facts that I don’t think that you knew, before you, before they were presented to you would have not know them and you would have gone in blinded and made a deal and put nooses around our necks here in this village. People in this village don’t want it. They’ve told you that before. We are prepared to tell you again. We will have another meeting like we did and have another 500 people come to this podium and say to you that we do not want this here. We do not want you to negotiate with this company.

We want you to go ahead and fight this in court. The people here, who live here, are the ones that are affected by it. Its right there. Its a very heavily populated area. Those trucks. The thousands. There was 500 a week with Metro Enviro? They’ll be a thousand, 24/7 coming through our village and disrupting our lives.

Let alone the environmental hazards that it will cause and of course Trustee Kane. You are on the Waterfront Advisory. What is this gonna do to our river? They’re right on our river. This is the river you fight to protect—passionately. How could you let them come in? How could you even consider that they’re not going to pollute the Hudson River? Of course they are going to pollute the Hudson River. They are going to pollute our streets, our highways. Not only pollution that we will see on the ground. Pollutions that we won’t see at all. Its gonna kill us. It will kill us. It will kill our properties. It will kill our lives. Do not negotiate, please.”

On September 6, 2006 8:17 PM, waffels said:

Please…if this woman wasn’t so loud most wouldn’t even know who she was….”This village” of 700-800-1000 citizens that “signed” or some would say after the fact were coerced into signing “the petition”make up approx. 10% of the village population. That’s the village not even the school district population. As Mrs. Smith says above most don’t even know where or what this place is. And personally let Minett rant all she wants, she presents herself as an over-exagerated nut job….Noose, kill, pollute, destroy we live on the largest north-south corrider highway for the county I wonder if they ever did a car count, we have metro norths largest rail yard/shops next to this site, we have Karta Carting 4 mile to the north, 20 times the size of this operation, we have the mother load of possible mess with Indian Point 31/2 mile to the north…..get real lady fight the real battles, they could use a loud mouth, it get’s attention.

On September 6, 2006 4:04 PM, weewill said:

Don’t like the way decisions are made or how they turn out? Run for office and become a decider.

Having served proudly and honorably for over a decade, I know how far reaching and important those decisions are.

Elected officials have tremendous power to make real change happen; changes that will affect each and every one of us.

Real change is best achieved by having the power to effect that change. It undeniably takes guts, courage and thick skin.

Don’t just harass and complain, run for office. Get elected. Sit up there on the dais and get to work!


On September 6, 2006 3:11 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

And this is the modus operandi of this gang of eight, who, for years, have opened their mouths and spewed forth unsubstantiated nonsense like Minnett did last night. The trustees live in this village also, they have family and friends whom they care about along with all the residents of the village. They are trying to get the best deal for EVERYONE and despite what Minnett says about “People in this village don’t want it” in my experience, most people don’t even know where 1A croton point avenue is, let alone what is going on with it. Her use of the word “KILL” is beyond dramatic - actually dangerous. She ought to be more careful with her language, though having sat behind her a board meetings, being polite and thoughtful does not seem to be one of her attributes.


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