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Feel Younger Instantly!

September 7, 2006


No, I’m not selling supplements or snake oil. But as I rode my bike up and down the county’s hills this summer, I truly felt like a kid again. While I started cycling four years ago to get in shape, now I do it as much as I can because it’s so much fun. Remember as kids how we used to run around and play purely for the joy of it? Then we grew up, put on weight and gained fears that often keep us from trying new things.

I suggest by rediscovering your playful spirit, you’ll actually feel younger (remember, age is just a number). What should you play at? Whatever floats your boat, as they say. But try to keep it on the healthy side (this is Miss Fit talking).

So while it’s still warm, go for a paddle up the Croton River. Or just swim back and forth from Alligator Rock to Silver Lake beach.

Dig out that old skateboard or rollerblades and go over to Croton Point or the bike trail for a roll (please wear pads, even the pros do). You don’t even need any equipment to go for a trail run or hike at nearby Blue Mountain Reservation.

Of course, given my own experience, I recommend you get out on the road for a bike ride (helmet mandatory). Going down hills is especially fun and youth inducing, once you catch your breath and loosen up on the brakes.

Besides rediscovering your youthful exuberance, you’ll be burning more calories and improving your fitness than you would sitting on the sofa or at a bar downing pints (an activity that usually makes you feel much older the next morning).

To feel like a kid again may require confronting some of your fears (of failure, of falling, etc.). I rarely cycled as a kid, but I finally overcame the fear of falling, and I only wish I’d done it sooner. Let me know what sports and activities (any skydivers out there?) make you feel younger and why (keep it clean, please) by commenting on this blog.

If you’re game for trying a new sport, but are unsure of how or where to start, look for classes and coaches to teach you how.

Miss Fit, also known as Eve Hartman, is a USA Cycling certified bike coach who leads Intro to Road Cycling and Training for Your First Triathlon classes (Fall ‘06 classes are forming now). She is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer who gladly makes house calls. For more information, contact her at 914-588-0591 or at


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