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Congressional Candidate John Hall Visits Croton

September 11, 2006


In keeping with Crotonblog’s continuing coverage of candidate “meet and greets” at the Croton Harom train station, we present John Hall. Mr. Hall, a resident of Ulster County is among four candidates who will be on the ballot in the upcoming Democratic primary—to be held on Tuesday, September 12, 2006.

Candidate Hall, like ticket opponent Ben Shuldiner, seeks the nod from Democratic voters in the 19th Congressional District, which includes Croton-on-Hudson, to go ahead and take on Republican incumbant Sue Kelly in November..

Unique in the upcoming mid-term Congressional race is the unprecidented momementum to unseat Ms. Kelly. In addition to an original field of six Democatic challengers, the party as a whole is determined to unseat Congresswoman Kelly. In fact, on the grassroots level, a website that chronicles Ms. Kelly’s record can be found at

On September 23, 2006 1:22 PM, weewill said:

Mr. or Mrs. Red,

Statistics don’t lie but statisticians do. Why not see what you can do with the US census statistics below?

1990 Economy / Prices

Federal spending: $1252.52 billion Federal debt: $3206.6 billion Inflation: 5.4% Consumer Price Index: 130.7 Unemployment: 5.3%

Prices Cost of a new home: $149,800.00 Cost of a new car: $ Median Household Income: $29,943.00 Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.25 Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.16 Cost of a dozen eggs: $1.00 Cost of a gallon of Milk: $1.78


On September 22, 2006 2:53 PM, RED November said:

Again, Jeff T., those are your elitist liberal minded views and I’m not going to be able to shake you of them so I won’t even try.

I just respectfully suggest you speak with those people I mentioned in the previous post and see who they’re voting for.

Another observation: Residents will recall that weewill’s (former Trustee Geogianna Grant’s) tenure as a village board member saw property taxes on Croton residents collectively increase by more than 83% while spending increased by 378% which ultimately left this village with over $6 million in debt.

Is it really any surprise then that Georgianna Grant has thrown her support behind fellow tax and spender John Hall for Congress?

Birds of a feather…

On September 22, 2006 2:37 PM, Jeff T. said:

Yes, the Republicans are the champions of the working people!

George Bush and the Republicans are the reason local taxes are going up all over the country.

It’s sad to hear the same drone about those supposed elitist Democrats and how in touch the Republicans are with the common man. Just because they keep saying it doesn’t make it so!

Sue Kelly and her right-wing friends are bankrupting America and overextending her military.

Corruption, deficits, inept military planning — are you proud of the Republican record, Red November?

The best way for Sue Kelly to fight tax increases would be to become a Democrat and start fighting against her old party.

On September 21, 2006 10:11 PM, RED November said:

To weewil and Jeff T. and Mrs. Smith, when was the last time you spoke with a construction worker from Port Jervis or a teacher from Pawling or a cop from Chester or a stay at home mom from Stony Point?

Probably never. Because if you had, you would know that just because Croton happens to be the epicenter of radical left-wing liberalism in the 19th CD it certainly does not epitomize the district as a whole.

If you had spoken with community members from across the 19th you would know that their number one issue remains taxes and there is only one candidate in this race who has a record of lowering taxes. Her name is Sue Kelly and residents from across the district know that she is fighting for them.

As for Mrs. Kelly’s opponent, John “Hollywood” Hall, he wants to raise taxes and repeal the income tax cuts passed by Congress. He’s endorsed a bill that would impose a new “transaction” tax on anybody who buys or sells a stock, (which New York City officials say would cost the region thousands of jobs) and create a new payroll tax.

His platform is entirely consistent with his past. As a legislator in Ulster County, he advanced new taxes on gasoline because, as he said ‘we need to increase the tax to reduce consumption.’ As a school board member, not once did he ever vote against hiking property taxes on homeowners and small businesses.

Mr. Hall’s ultra-radical agenda will probably win him favor among the left-leaning residents of this village but it certainly will fall on deaf ears to the rest of the district. As Mr. Hall smugly talks down to the construction workers, teachers, cops and stay-at-home moms in the Hudson Valley, Congresswoman Sue Kelly will continue her fight to give them real tax relief.

The crowd may have a loud-mouthed insurgency in Croton but come election day, Sue Kelly and her mainstream record as a tax-fighter will win her a huge re-election over John Hall’s radical liberal agenda.

On September 18, 2006 12:03 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

Let’s Get Real, I assume YOU are setting the standard for “reasonable people”. You seem to me to be so out of touch with many constituents of the 19th CD, if you think that we are enamoured of Sue Kelly’s “blind adherence to the extremist” right “wing agenda” - she is a most ineffectual congressperson and I think most agree is running scared of someone who has a finger on the pulse ot the Hudson Valley voters.

On September 18, 2006 10:04 AM, Jeff T. said:

Ok first of all, the name of the party is the Democratic party. I am sick of hearing Republicans refer to our party incorrectly. Is it that they can’t read? If one side is abilty to change the name of the other, I move that the Republican party is now to be called the Miserable Failure Party. The reasons are many and also self-evident. Sue Kelly is currently running to the left, because running on the failed policies of the ruling party won’t work. She’s not moving toward the radical right. She can read the where the political winds are blowing. The right-wing agenda is not working, and Sue Kelly can see that. And that my friend is getting real.

On September 16, 2006 10:57 AM, Let's get real said:

As only an occasional reader of the Crotonblog I know I am late in making this point, but I was surprised to see the utter silliness of weewill’s post. The answer to her question is simple and self-evident. NO – I do not wonder why in the midst of a democrat party primary there are no lawn signs advancing the candidacy of Republican Sue Kelly.

I have no doubt that when the general election draws near there will be ample evidence of Ms. Kelly’s campaign. I am also confident that when the reasonable people of the 19th District take a close look at Mr. Hall’s radical positions on the important issues of our times – positions informed either by ignorance of the threats we face or blind adherence to the extremist left wing agenda - his candidacy will be rejected.

On September 11, 2006 2:37 PM, weewill said:

Does anyone else wonder why we see absolutely no campaign signs for Sue Kelley in Croton? Both John Hall and Ben Schindler recognize Croton people and its residents as worthy of representation in Congress and they ask for our vote and support.

Her lack of interest in Croton hints that Sue Kelley couldn’t find Croton with a map. We never see or hear from her except at election town. And this year, we in Croton aren’t even seeing her then.
She’s everywhere but here with promises of what she’s going to do do. She promises to correct all the long-standing ills of the Hudson Valley by closing Indian Point, developing yet another “realistic” evacuation route, influencing both the Federal Engergy Commission (FERC) and the Surface Transportaiton Board (STB) to recognize Croton’s unique issues.

How can we expect her to do this when she doesn’t even seem to be able to find her way down here. I say to Ms. Kelley - “too little, too late”



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