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The 2006 elections: Who has reliable information?

September 26, 2006

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Here are some sites I highly recommend for reliable, or insightful information about the November elections, especially the federal and state-wide races:

Congressional Quarterly
Unimpeachable, non-partisan resource on national politics and state level politics. CQ has both excellent periodicals and books.

National Journal
Unimpeachable, non-partisan resource on national and state level politics. NJ is most well known for its annual and authoritative “Almanac of American Politics.”

Rothenberg Report
Independent, non-partisan race handicapper Stuart Rothenberg’s work is always thoughtful and is now published in blog format so you can opine on his opinions.

Cook Report
Independent, non-partisan race handicapper Charlie Cook’s work is quite reliable and driven by careful data analysis. Good stuff here.

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball
Telegenic political scientist, Larry leans conservative, but is generally even handed.

The Blue State
The Blue State blog leans progressive, but is somewhat balanced. Go there if you want the “blue” spin.

Washington Post
Congressional reporting is the sine qua non for the Washington Post. David Broder and company have excellent insights.

Open Secrets
Good reliable data about campaign finance for those who want “to follow the money.”

P.S. Some folks criticize the Democrats for failing to have a unified plan for running the country if elected. But I am happy the Democrats of 2006 have not committed the same overreach as the GOP’s “Contract with America” of 1994. The country does not need a monolithic, ideological battle cry for 2006 that is blind to the public’s generally centrist inclinations.

It may be enough for the Democrats to get across to voters, “Hey, the GOP are giving us One-Size-Fits-All answers for every policy. At least we Democrats are admitting to voters the situation out there may require more nuance, more input, and more options.”

— Leo Wiegman

On September 30, 2006 9:22 PM, Leo Wiegman said:

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press is another reliable, independent opinion research group. It is funded by the folks at the Pew Charitable Trust and well-regarded for its frequent national survey on public policy topics. I am embarrassed I had not included Pew in my original list of sources!

  • Leo Wiegman


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