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Sue Kelly Should Turn Down GOP Help for Her Re-election Bid!

October 2, 2006

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Together with Sue Kelly, Mark Foley (R-FL) (news) was elected to Congress in the firebrand GOP class of 1994. Collectively the press dubbed this large class of GOP freshmen, the Gingrich Army.

As Deputy Majority Whip, Mark Foley was one of the GOP’s key floor leaders in the House, especially since the GOP leadership shake-up caused Tom DeLay’s departure.

This week Foley abruptly resigned from the House over sexually explicit email and instant messages with teenage House pages—only after the media confronted him with the text of those messages. That the pages were male is immaterial to me.

Until Foley’s resignation this week, he was a lock for re-election. Overnight his Democratic challenger, Tim Mahoney, now suddenly has a huge opening for putting this Palm Beach, Florida district in the Democratic column come November 7, 2006.

What’s the connection to us New Yorkers? Congressman Thomas Reynolds (R-NY) of Erie County is chairman of the National Republican Congressional Campaign (NRCC). Reynolds was informed of the Foley-page emails months ago. According to yesterday’s New York Daily News—and FEC records—the NRCC that Tom Reynolds chairs accepted “an unusually large contribution” of $100,000 from Foley in July 27, 2006.

Various PACs have contributed two thousand times to the NRCC in recent years. Mark Foley’s $100,000 donation this July ranks as one of the 10 largest gifts of 2006 for the NRCC!

Has the NRCC funneled any money to Sue Kelly yet in 2006? No.

The NRCC won’t do that until they think Sue is in real trouble. The NRCC usually waits to spend heavily in the closing weeks on most vulnerable GOP candidates.

So here is my modest proposal: Sue Kelly should refuse to accept any NRCC money between now and November 7, 2006.

If Sue is serious about protecting our children, then she should not sup at the table that overflows with Foley’s money.

— Leo Wiegman

PS. Other related questions to ponder include these:

According to the FEC, Reynolds’ clever acronym TOMPAC stands for “Together for Our Majority Political Action Committee.”

On October 2, 2006 9:38 PM, SSmith said:

It was reported in today’s Wash. Post that Congressmen Reynolds’s own chief of staff and former Foley c.o.s. Kirk Fordham tired to secretly broker a deal last Friday with ABC to cover up the most sexually explicit material from Rep. Foley’s emails and i.m’s with teenage male pages. ABC told them to get lost. Reynolds also knew about the emails and i.m.’s months ago which may lead one to wonder why Foley made such a large donation to the NRCC.

Congressman Reynolds needs to resign his position immediately for trying to somehow cover up an exploding scandal involving a demented out-of-control pedophile who is clearly a threat to children and should be locked up. Foley ironically was the chair of the House Caucus for missing and exploited children and one of THE top Republicans in the House.

Along with Foley and Reynolds, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert should resign for blatantly lying about when he knew of the emails and i.m.’s. Reynolds said on Saturday that he told Hastert in the spring; yet Hastert said on CNN yesterday that he only learned of it Friday. He also so strangely said he thought the whole thing was resolved. Huh? He also said he didn’t remember speaking to Reynolds about Foley. Weird. The Speaker looked like he was on something that may have altered his mind especially when grilled about when he knew about Foley. he had that donald rumsfeld look… magoo like but in a stupor.

It’s also classic that Foley came out today saying he was going into alcohol rehab. As if he suddenly realized that the voodoo grip of alcohol was fuelling his criminal behavior with 16 year old boys working in Congress. Somehow in our perverted media blitzed society it sort of makes all the bad sutff you do ok as long as you fess up to being hooked on booze. It works for Hollywood types I guess Mr. Foley thinks it will help him to. His real problem: he is a dangerous pedophile who should have been behind bars years ago but thanks to many other morally and socially bankrupt repubs. in congress he’s been allowed to remain free. They all need to go.

how many more criminals can the right crank out before Nov. 7?

vote for change on 11/7………we are in real danger with these guys at the helm……….they are all crazy from W on down.


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