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No Curtain Call for Richard Pellicci

October 4, 2006

Richard Pellicci isn’t a naive newcomer, he just plays one on TV. Well, at least he tried to during a recent cameo appearance on October 3, 2006, at a village board meeting (see video below).

In his mind, he must have thought the role clever until Trustee Thomas Brennan yanked him off-stage with a personal revelation.

That’s right, folks. Mr. Brennan, who was elected in 2005, declared that if people like Mr. Pellicci wanted change, they should seek a seat on the dais, like he did.

Déja Vu.

Just a few weeks ago, former Trustee Georgianna Grant suggested the same thing. Then, Crotonblog jumped in with a story directed to “citizen advocate expert” Robert Wintermeier and offering him the same advice (see: “What’s Next for Citizen Advocate Robert Wintermeier?”).

Who would have thought that such a harmonious meeting of the minds could ever evolve between Ms. Grant and Mr. Brennan?

Actor Richard Pellicci (search) certainly never expected his scripted plot to take the turn that it did.

First, Trustee Brennan dismissivley told Mr. Pellecci that his staged question had already been answered by the board at an earlier meeting. Then, in a dramatic moment, he told his Democratic collegues that he genuinely likes them and considers them friends. He maintained simply that he and Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt share a different political philosophy—a kind gesture indeed.

And, as the curtain came down on Mr. Pellicci, he was left speechless. Cut right out of his own scene. High drama, for sure.

No doubt Mr. Pellicci will return soon in the hope of one day seeing his name on the marquee at the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Center for the Performing Arts.

Don’t hold your breath, Richard.

Download this video clip to your video iPod (how to guide).

On October 4, 2006 8:30 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

I agree that Tom Brennan deserves respect for his defense of Ann and Charlie as friends and neighbors, even though he considers them somewhat misguided!! but the rest of the meeting from citizen participation on was a FARCE. From Cudequest’s travelling cockroach show, to Pellici’s feigned ingorance about negotiations, to Minnett’s illiterate prattle with her dramatic gestures which make her look ridiculous, to the unbelievable tantrum by Herr Dr. Schmidt when he gave such a partisan display over Ann Galleli’s answering a question about the amount of money spent on negotations. I hope that the blog will post the video stream of both Minnett and Schmidt’s tantrum so that residents can see for themselves how tied to the non-negotiation position this small group of people are and how hostile they are to anyone who dares to disagree.

On October 4, 2006 12:57 PM, waffels said:

Bravo Tom Brennon……said the way it is and should be….good people making decisions, in their opinion, that are best for this village….One may not agree but we all need to work together and I say here-here to Mr. Brennons comments….you don’t like it get involved, stop yelling and wasting everyones time….


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