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10 Ways Cycling Makes You Feel Like a Kid Again

October 13, 2006


What motivates people to exercise and stay fit? It helps if it's not solely for appearance and health reasons.

For example, I realized I loved bike riding not because it was a great calorie burner, but because I had so much fun doing it (I was conquering my fears--see last week's blog post called "What Are You Afraid Of?") and I felt like a kid again.

So during my climbs up and down the hills, I came up with some reasons why. What follows are my top 10 ways cycling makes me feel like a kid again. Please let me know your additions to the list--either by commenting on this blog or emailing me at

Now stop acting your age! And get outside.

10. I'd rather be outside having fun than inside doing my homework (or in this case housework!).
9. I like to go downhill as fast as I can.
8. Sometimes I feel like screaming my head off with glee (while still keeping both hands on the bike - I'm not that crazy).
7. If my mother could see what I'm doing, she'd have a fit.
6. I look like I'm wearing a diaper (it's the padded shorts).
5. Sometimes my tush gets chafed.
4. To soothe it, I put white cream on it (in this case, it's called Chamois Butter, not Balmex).
3. My nose is always running.
2. I wipe it with my hand.
1. I like to play in the road. (But I always look both ways before I cross the street.)

Miss Fit, also known as Eve Hartman, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer who gladly makes house calls (even for those who are afraid to be seen in a gym) and loves to get people outside road cycling (to help you overcome your fear of falling). For more information, please call 914-588-0591 or visit


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