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“Light-Up the Courts 2” Fundraiser Set for October 21

October 16, 2006

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The Croton Harmon School District board announced that construction of the new tennis courts recently began. The school district is building three all-weather tennis courts adjacent to Spencer Field. When the courts are completed, Croton will again be able to host inter-scholastic team tennis. Since construction began on the middle school, Croton tennis teams had to schedule only away games.

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This is great news for everyone in the community, as tennis is a sport for all ages, and the new courts will provide a facility that is sorely needed in the Croton Community. However, the facility is not perfect. Budget realities have restricted what the school district was able to build. Many residents in the community were hoping for 5 courts to be built, lights, backboard and other amenities such as benches.

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The Croton Tennis Committee was formed two years ago to raise money for some of the extras. The community generously donated and participated in the first “Light-Up the Courts Fundraiser.” “Light-Up the Courts 2” is being planned for the weekend of October 21, 2006.

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And so, the Croton Tennis Committee invites the community to sign up for round robin tennis matches and/or participate in a tennis clinic, or make a donation. The event will take place at the Lake Street tennis courts, in Montrose, across from Hendrick Hudson High School. Please contact Rhonda Schonfeld at 914-271-2267, or email rhondas AT bestweb Dot net for more information.

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Construction began in September, and is expected to be completed in late fall. The courts will settle over the winter, and the lines will be laid in early spring. The school tennis teams will once again be able to use the courts in the spring. The goal of the fundraising activities is to provide lights, so the courts can be used all summer long by the entire community. Please help the committee make this a terrific facility for kids and adults alike.

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