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Brockton, A City with Two Transfer Stations

October 23, 2006

Crotonblog: Letters to the Editor, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520
There are many citizens, local, State and Federal Public Officials from all over the Northeast Region of the Country, reading the blog and following the Croton on Hudson NIR/Metro Enviro site and situation. As most of us deal with the Adverse Impacts of other Regus Industry owned or controlled waste sites. In Massachusetts, there are very few problems with small waste transfer stations. In some towns, where home owners bring their trash, etc. in the trunks of their cars down to the local transfer station.

However, when this issue becomes a Large Regional Transfer Station sited on the borders of two or three Cities or Towns this seems to bring Greed and Chaos, we are talking about 800, 1000 or 1,200 tons per day where the Waste company offers the hosting community a deal, tipping fees, free trash pick up, etc. Especially in a community that struggles to keep up with its Annual Budgets vs. State Cut backs, growing costs, etc.

In the City of Brockton there are two such C&D Transfer Stations that both are regional and both utilize the Railway and both send their debris out of State to Ohio. In the City of Brockton, Ma (population 98,000 residents), one site on the south side of Brockton draws little or no problems or opposition Trojan Recycling Transfer Station which takes in 800 tons per day of C&D.

On the other side of the City (a Regus Industries owned company) Champion City Recovery LLC a 1,000 ton per day C&D Transfer Station which has had multiple problems and opposition since it opened in June 2003. This facility has drawn much local, State and Federal attention. This facility has Legal Cases before the Courts. This facility has even drawn National attention from Ohio.

The citizens of this area do not have to speak in opposition the local Government’s themselves have taken the opposed side. These same Governments that thought and believed the facilities promises back during the proposed stages. Now it seems the Village of Croton on Hudson has been made these same promises by another proposed Waste Company and it is the Village’s trying time to make its own decision, right or wrong no one knows for sure what that decision will bring the future of Village of Croton on Hudson.

It would be safe to say the City of Brockton and the Towns of Avon & Holbrook, Massachusetts certainly must wish they could turn back the hands of time and change their past decision. The Brockton City Councilor (Mr. Chris MacMillan in Ward 7 where Champion Recovery is sited and the abutting Ward 6 Councilor Michele DuBois and many other City Councilor’s all 13 of them would certainly make another decision if the opportunity was available again but its not and never will be again we must all try to live with their previous decision’s.

Instead the City and its residents continue to fall subject to the adverse conditions and the City has filed resolves and lawsuits against the waste company (Champion City Recovery LLC) and this will all continue day after day, year after year. As thousands of residents and public officials complain it does not matter the Waste Company has already planted its seed and is not about to leave. The waste company to this day even continues to try to grow, other waste companies continue to take over the site and attempt to grow thus to add Trash & Garbage to its tonnage from as far away as New Hampshire. The Demon Seed (TRASH & GARBAGE) is already planted and will continue to Grow and may not be stoppable.

The damage is done if residents can’t co-exist they must be forced to move. There is no argument Trash must go somewhere lets all hope we can find a proper spot for it and REGULATE it. Sending it out of State is NOT the answer. For Massachusetts to send its Waste to OHIO as a citizen of Massachusetts I say I am truly sorry to Ohio Citizens, someday they will feel the burden of OUR waste. I am told C&D alone brings Massachusetts Companies $100.00 a ton in Ohio it is $6.00 a ton.

— Bob Brady, Avon Massachusetts


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