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Sue Kelly Overboard with New Attack Ad Pairing Kim Jung-Il with John Hall

November 3, 2006

Did anyone just hear a loud splash in the Hudson River? We did. It was Rep. Sue W. Kelly going overboard with her attack ads.

Sue-Kelly-Kim-Jong-Il.jpgFrom the very start, I’ve tried to keep this campaign about issues. I’ve tried to talk about what’s best for our district and America. Unfortunately, with many polls now showing me leading Sue W. Kelly by a hair, her campaign has turned to truly disgusting Swift Boat-style attacks. It’s personal, and it’s ugly (see following video clip from RNN TV).

She is sending tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of glossy fliers around the district, claiming I have some relationship to North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Il. It is a desperate attack designed to scare voters into staying home on election day. It would seem ridiculous, if it wasn’t so real.

We need to fight back with what our campaign does best—positive, grassroots, voter-to-voter campaigning. We have almost 1,000 volunteers helping us Get Out the Vote this weekend. (If you want to join the effort, sign up today.) Even with all this donated labor, GOTV campaigning costs money. Flyers cost money. Vans cost money. Phone calls cost money.

Please, make a final donation right now to help us reach voters with a positive message in these last few days. Help us defeat not only Sue Kelly, but also the despicable attack politics that Karl Rove Republicans have foisted upon this nation. Let’s prove that grassroots democracy can triumph over fear.

If you’re already a volunteer, recruit others. If you can’t volunteer, support our volunteers with a donation. Do it now. There is no more time to hold back.

We are on the very brink of victory. If we work together, we will win!

John Hall, Democratic candidate for Congress, 19th District, New York

One more note: if you have questions about my positions on issues, don’t rely on Kelly’s lies. Here is the truth—I support a strong and ready defense, to be used only when faced with real threats. I have a proven record of keeping taxes down. I am for an immigration policy that grants citizenship to law-abiding immigrants.

It is time for a safe withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, health care that covers all of us and saves us money, energy policies that reduce our dependance on oil, and a representative who represents our values in Washington.

On November 6, 2006 10:12 AM, weewill said:

As one who has been making legitimate GOTV calls to friends and neighbors for help in electing John Hall, I am appalled at the following.

“Karl Rove (well-known Republican political strategist) has been bragging for weeks about his “72-hour program” to swing the elections, which predict a Democratic takeover of Congress.

Now we know what it is: a dirty trick campaign using robocalls.

The calls are made to Democrats and swing voters at all times of day or night to make them angry. And they pretend to be from the Democrat (“Hello, I’m a volunteer with the John Hall campaign and am calling with information about John Hall”). If you hang up, they call back 7-8 times, and each time you hear the Democrat’s name to get you angry at him or her. If you stay on, you get to hear a scathing attack on the Democratic candidate.

Karl Rove’s whole career has been devoted to dirty tricks. It’s too late for legal action or even newspaper stories. If you receive one of these calls please forward this email to everyone you know so they aren’t fooled by Karl Rove’s dirty trick.”

On November 3, 2006 11:01 PM, SSmith said:

sue kelly is ridiculously desperate as can be seen by resorting to this kind of misleading subliminal kind of campaign garbage. she looks completely clueless and for whatever reason has never talked about serious issues in realistic honest terms like her connections with Tom Delay, and the high correlation of her congressional voting record with the dangerous and totally flawed bush-cheney agenda.

sue kelly unfortunately will be but one more losing statisic in the history of a great seed change in the American political landscape that will begin with Tuesday’s election cycle. Blue-collar, old rust belt type of americans who have predominantly voted republican for decades will be the difference for the democrats in the next few cycles.

years of failed republican conservative policy and continued alienation of the white middle class has actually pushed away this once stable moderate part of the party base.

the last 5 republican presidents are 0 for 5 in balancing even a single year’s federal budget; with bush 43 being by far the biggest free spender. throw on top of that a domestic agenda that has been dominated by the southern evangelical republicans who clearly are out of touch with mainstream america and enabled by our corrupt pedophilic republican controlled congress and even the loyalist of dogs will get tired of that act. let’s of course not forget a disturbing and incompetently run militaristic approach to world diplomacy brought to you by rumsfeld, cheney and the rest of their neo-con buddies. that’s our foreign policy but by putting condi rice out in front of it - a black woman - the administration thinks that maybe many people won’t look under the furniture to see what’s really going on.

sue kelly is but one piece in a great reshuffling of the puzzle pieces that will begin playing out tuesday. unfortunately for her and many of her republican congressional colleagues, senators, and governors their pieces will no longer be needed for the puzzle….america will begin to be free again.


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