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Con Edison Offering Self-Service Meter Reading Online

December 15, 2006

A friend who lives in New York City recently told me of how he was drastically overcharged for his natural gas usage because of errors in both the estimated usage and the actual meeting reading.

So, while taking care of my own personal finances today, I logged on to Con Edison’s website to get my account balance. While there, I noticed a new feature on the site that enables customers to submit their own residential electric and gas meter readings. While always inclined to save money, I quickly grabbed a pen and paper, then set off to get my electric and gas readings. Upon return to my desk, I entered the information and clicked the “enter reading” button. Easy. Of course, I remain eager to see my next bill to see how this might work…

If you’re also motivated to enter your readings online, go to, click the “my account” button, choose your language preference, enter your account number, click the “submit a reading” link, click the “submit reading” link, read the easy instructions, enter your reading(s) and like I did, click the “submit reading” button. If all goes well, your confirmation page will affirm your efforts and reward you with a more accurate bill next month.

On March 20, 2009 11:18 AM, Syarifah Rukmana said:

please simplify the method or system to do reading online of the electricity..

I do confused how to find it in your website !


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