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Gallelli, Odland, Wiegman Seek Nod from Democrats for Croton's Upcoming Mayoral & Trustee Elections

December 18, 2006

l to r: Sally Odland, Leo Wiegman, Ann Gallelli

In the March 2007 Village elections, two Trustees seats and the Mayoral seat will be on the ballot. Three Croton residents have banded together to seek nomination from the Croton Democratric Committee as a team. Trustee Ann Gallelli will seek the nomination as candidate for Mayor. Trustee Leo Wiegman will seek nomination for re-election as Trustee. Former Water Control Commission Chair, Sally Odland will seek nomination as candidate for Trustee.

The three are scheduling interviews with the Croton Democrat’s Nominating Committee. Gallelli and Wiegman have previously won Trustee seats as Democrats. Odland is a newcomer to the electoral side of Village government, but has past experience as a volunteer advisor to the Village.

“We all feel it is vital to move Croton beyond a single-minded pre-occupation with one issue. We have a host of other exciting and pressing topics that require our attention and can no longer be on the back burner. These include continuing to update our zoning code, looking at the long term financial picture for villages like ours, and facilitating the preservation of Croton’s village-like atmosphere while developing opportunities to improve our tax base,” Ann Gallelli summarized.

“We all worked together on the Village committee that led our successful Millennium Pipeline defense. What made that work so well was all of us learning from each other’s expertise to see the whole picture. Sally was a very important contributor to our winning arguments,” said Ann Gallelli, “Having Sally’s scientific and business background on energy and environmental issues on the Village Board to help us set the agenda and deliberate options would be fantastic.”

Sally Odland said, “I think the next few years could bring unprecedented economic, environmental and energy challenges whose impacts will be felt most keenly at the municipal level. Croton is exceptionally well positioned to develop local solutions. Unlike most other villages, Croton has managed to own and control its waterfront and drinking water supply. I really like the ideas Ann and Leo have to make Croton more home-office friendly, more energy-efficient, and financially secure. I’m excited to be recruited to join their team.”

“Given Ann’s excellent record in municipal planning and Sally’s big picture approach to the changes we need be ready for in our economy,” stated Leo Wiegman, “the Village would gain an open-minded leadership that we need and do not have now. With Ann as Mayor, she would set a more positive and pro-active agenda for the Village. We look forward to sharing our ideas with the nominating committee.”


Ann H. Gallelli
email: galleaj AT aol DOT com
tel: 914-271-5301

Ann Gallelli, 64, is a 32 year resident of Croton, registered Democrat and current Village Trustee. Ann has long been involved in our local government including a total of 12 years as Planning Board Chair, 2 prior terms as Village Trustee, and 8 years as Chair of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Committee. Ann is Vice President of Board of Directors of the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation. In 2004, Ann received the New York State Planning Federation’s highest award - the Heissenbuttal Award for Excellence in Planning. Ann also serves on the Board of the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation and on the Advisory Board of the Croton Community Nursery School, where she was previously President for 2 terms, among numerous other PTA, and school related committees. A former employee of IBM, Ann ran her own technical writing business for many years. She is graduate of Stanford University, an avid tennis player and, more recently, a golf fan. Ann enjoys sharing these pursuits with her husband John and two adult children, Carla and John.

Sarah (Sally) K. Odland
email: odland_sk AT verizon DOT net
tel: 914-271-6493

Registered as an independent voter, Sally Odland, 52, previously served as a member and chair of Croton’s Water Control Commission and worked as a member of the Waterfront Advisory Committee. In that capacity, she researched and developed the Village’s successful arguments against Millennium Pipeline’s proposed crossing of the Croton’s municipal wellfield. Sally holds advanced degrees in geology and business administration. She has worked as a geologist, a project manager, a small business owner and a university administrator, and has experience in the public and private sectors, as well as government. From 1997 to 2002, Sally ran a home-based exhibit design company with her husband, composer/sound artist Bruce Odland. She currently works as an administrator at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory. Sally has lived in Croton since 1992. Her three children, Michael, Xandra and Max, attended Croton schools. For more detail , see:

Leo A. W. Wiegman
email: trusteew AT bestweb DOT net
tel. 914-980-9437

A registered Democrat, Leo Wiegman, 48, was first elected Village Trustee in 2001. Born in the Netherlands and raised in New Hampshire, Leo is a naturalized US citizen and a graduate of Tufts University (summa cum laude). He has worked in book publishing since 1980. An editor for W. W. Norton & Company, an independent, employee-owned firm, Leo publishes illustrated books in the physical sciences, environmental studies, and photography by experts from all across North America. Leo has lived in Croton since 1994, with his wife, architect Julie Evans, and their son, Adrian, who attends Croton Harmon High School. Leo volunteers for Croton’s AYSO program and promotes public awareness of energy and environment related issues.


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