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Miss Fit Says, "Don't Make Resolutions"

January 2, 2007


It’s that time of the year again. When people make grand resolutions. When the gyms start to fill up with newbies we will barely see after February. The question remains, why make a resolution if chances are you won’t keep it? Isn’t there a way to keep the new folks working out and eating healthier as the months of 2007 go by?

My suggestion: don’t make a resolution, make a date instead. By a date, I mean plan something for several months away that gives you extra motivation to keep up your healthier lifestyle. That date could be to run a race, go out dressed up for a special night on the town, vacation on the ski slopes or the beach, or if you’ve been completely sedentary, to participate in a charity walk and raise money to boot.

If you’re looking for something to get you working out in the first place, make a date to go out or go away. Some of the most motivated people I meet at the gym have a special event coming up for which they want to look fabulous. The trick is to make another date as soon as that one goes by, in order to keep up your motivation (no need to plan another wedding or bar mitzvah, it can be a special night out in NYC).

For those of you who’ve been working out, remember that your body adapts to the stresses you put it under. So if you’ve been spending 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine 4x a week, or taking the same class week after week, chances are you’re just not getting as much out of it as you did when you started. You need to progress your training, making it harder and taking it to the next level. A personal trainer can help do that for you if you’re unsure of what to do.

One way to take it to a higher level is making a date to do to a race (in full realization that you’re not going to win any medals, just to complete the distance). For example, I have some clients who are doing the More Women’s Half-Marathon on March 25th in Central Park. Inspite of my fears of going long and my lack of love for running (I’d much rather bike 100 miles than run 10!), I’m planning on joining them. The March 25th date looming in the near future will motivate us all to run outside and even on that darned treadmill rather than take the easy way out and do the same old thing. You’re welcome to join us. If a half is too long for you, there’s the St. Patty’s 10K/ 2 miler in FDR Park in Yorktown March 18th and more races from the local Taconic Road Runners Club.

MissFit, aka Eve Hartman, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer who gladly makes house calls. For more information, contact her at 914-588-0591 or at


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