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Advertising on Crotonblog: A Google AdWords Primer

January 15, 2007

Since receiving the following three questions from two local businesses about the really exciting world of Online Advertising and the many contextual advertisements that appear on Crotonblog, we are presenting our answers for all to review. Enjoy!

  1. How much does it cost to advertise on Crotonblog?” After setting up a Google AdWords account (See “”) for your business, you set your own daily budget and only pay when someone clicks your ad and goes to your website. This type of online advertising is called “Pay per Click.”

  2. Does Crotonblog provide reports such as the number of views and clicks that my ad gets?” Crotonblog does not provide any reports to advertisers. Since we are part of Google’s content network, all Google AdWords customers get access to detailed advertising performance reports for metrics such as “Cost per Click,” number of clicks, and the “Click Through Rate” from Google. Additionally, advertisers can also track return on investment (ROI) goals like purchases or sales leads with tools like Google Analytics—which is free to AdWords advertisers.

  3. Why do some “Ads by Google” feature only one ad per placement while others share space with up to three other advertisers on Crotonblog?” The ads that contain one contextual ad or image ad per placement have been placed directly by an advertiser to specifically appear on Crotonblog—pending our approval. (See Crotonblog’s ad placement page). The other ad placements are delivered to Crotonblog by Google AdWords based on contextual matching, geographic location and demographic information.


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