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My Water Bill Check is "In the Mail"

January 22, 2007

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Fully realizing this may be beyond the capacity of anyone to care at this point—and I’m feeling a little water-logged myself—I wanted to add a postscript to my letter (ee: “Was There a Better Way to Apologize for the Fake Water Bills? Absolutely.”) about the fake water bills.

I said it would be the honorable thing for the village to send letters of apology to people who received the bills. I must note that I have received one from Mr. Zambrano, and I appreciate it. He did the right thing.

And about the adjusted water bill tucked in with the letter, the, um, check’s in the mail.

— David Bauder

On January 23, 2007 9:43 AM, notorc said:

OK, I’m going to say it. Do I think the village was wrong for sending these inflated bills? YES. It was a poor management decision if you ask me. But, I give them an “A” for effort. I also believe the act was blown out of proportion and there has only been focus on one side of the issue.

What nobody seems to be talking about is the other side of the argument. There are 30 something residents who for one reason or another are not cooperating with our DPW and/or not paying their bills.

It has been pointed out many times, Mr. Zombrano and Mr. Herbek work for US as does the DPW and our taxes pay their collective salaries. Village management has implemented an automated system for reading meters in order to save us taxpayers money in the long run. Some residents are resisting. As a result, we find our “employees” having to go through extra effort to deal with this problem. It isn’t fair to those who cooperated fully and it isn’t fair to us taxpayers who have to pay for management extra efforts.

Those who received the water bill, please consider honoring your civil responsiblity so that Mr. Zombrano, Mr. Herbek, the DPW, etc can get back to day-to-day operations.


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