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Croton Installs Web-accessible Weather Monitoring Station at Train Parking Lot

February 10, 2007

Late last year Trustee Charlie Kane announced that the Village of Croton-on-Hudson had installed a weather monitoring station in the Croton Harmon train station parking area.


In fact, and according to Trustee Kane, “The weather station is a two-part system. The main station is installed on the municipal garage roof to measure wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, and a precipitation gauge that is capable of daily and monthly data.”


“The second station, adjacent to the salt shed, receives data from a remote sensor installed in Croton Bay about a mile away. The remote sensor monitors water temperature and tidal fluctuations on a constant basis while sending the data to the second station for transmittal to the municipal garage and also to National Weather Station—a contract service provided to the village for localized forecasts,” Kane added.


“The system was purchased and installed mainly to forecast flooding events at the parking lot, but other uses include, storm water compliance, the scheduling of DPW personnel during storm events, and an evolving database of tidal and weather information that will help village officials decide when to close the flood-prone sections of the lot.” Kane added, “Although tidal data from Croton Bay has not been previously not been recorded, the newly collected data will provide an increasingly good source of information for future researchers of climatic change in Croton.”


Because certain sections of the parking area are prone to flooding (see: “Flood Waters Swamp Cars Again in Croton Harmon Commuter Parking Lot”), the weather monitoring service promises to be an effective prediction tool in warning commuters of impending flood conditions. In addition to commuter email alerts, the village has even mounted “a real-time camera,” reports Kane. This provides a picture of the parking lot for the public to use in checking flooding events in the parking lot.


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