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Still Luvin' Croton from Skating to Sentiments

February 12, 2007

Now seems to be a good time for another iluvcrtn issue. As always there is plenty to talk about in this little village and we love sharing news of all the good stuff that goes on.

Photo: Looking south towards Half Moon Bay of the Hudson River in Croton-on-Hudson, New York on February 9, 2007.

The many recreational offerings available in Croton are always of interest to residents especially now as we face this upcoming week of school vacation. How timely that the Duck Pond is frozen solid and ready for skating. The green ‘go ahead” flag is flying high. Driving by the other night was to see a Currier and Ives painting with young and old alike gliding and spinning in delight across the pond. The moon was full and someone was playing music, the lights were on and colorful hats and jackets were plentiful. Nice, nice sight. We need to make certain to abide by the rules established for skating as published by our recreation department. Safe skating and enjoy!

Cell phone users in Croton are happy to hear that reception will soon be improved throughout the village due to an agreement with the village administration to erect receptors on top of the Municipal Building and to allow an additional monopole construction down by the Croton Harmon Railroad station. It’s anticipated that these additions will improve overall reception and do away with the many blind spots users have experienced to date.

A reminder to parents that it may well “take a village” to raise a child. If so, we ask that all parents have a heart-to-heart talk with their kids about the cowardly act of painting or spraying graffiti on public or private property in the village. Included in that conversation should be an admonishment about “egging” cars and houses. These incidents are being cited much more frequently than ever before in the Croton Police Blotter. We need to make it clear defacing or destruction of property is vandalism and not to be tolerated.

It’s great to be able to report a very positive response to Groovy on Grand, the new clothing store in the upper village. Feedback has been very positive and readers report excellent selection, good and fair prices, and wonderful, typical downtown Croton good service. Who could ask for more? We applaud the owners of the store and our residents who “SHOP LOCALLY.”

We would not be doing our job here at iluvcrtn if we didn’t talk just a little about the upcoming Village election on March 20th. The season has begun and there are and will continue to be diverse and opposite opinions about the many issues facing our beloved hometown. It’s important to recognize that local elected officials have a tremendous amount of discretion and power when it comes to policy governing our village. They set the parameters and guidelines for solving issues and keeping Croton the unique and wonderful little village that we love. We urge, encourage, hope that each and every one of us will become informed and get all the facts surrounding both the history and the current status of problems and issues facing our Village. The board needs to hear from us and there are ample opportunities to let them know how we feel. We are individually responsible to educate ourselves and understand all the facts and both sides of any issue of concern to us. Its fine to discuss issues with your neighbors but it’s equally important to get the complete facts from those in positions to know. Only then can we make responsible decisions about what is best for the whole village.

A final sad note… Croton lost two very fine citizens with the deaths of Billy Dymes and also Frank Garcia. They were longtime residents who contributed so much to the history of this Village and who were so instrumental in making it the Croton we love and enjoy today. They will be sorely missed and our thoughts go out to their families.

On February 13, 2007 9:20 AM, weewill said:

You are absolutely right Elisa515 and I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing out my poor choice of words. I’m grateful for having the error brought forth. Our kids are the greatest and it’s unfair and wrong for anyone to assume the offenses are committed by them.

I change my suggestion for a parent to kids “heart-to-heart” to read “a family heart-to-heart” discussion.

On February 13, 2007 2:07 AM, Elisa515 said:

Thanks for the nice report and the reminders of some of the many lovely things in our Village.

One thing that concerns me, though, is the assumption that destruction in the village (egging and spray painting in this piece) are the work of young people. Plenty of vandalism—even in Croton—is done by adults. And lots of really nice deeds are done by children.


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