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The Gang That Couldn't Spell Straight

February 19, 2007

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt: What’s going on in the Republican party? Are things getting out of control?

Acting on the prodding of Crotonblog, Croton Republicans have propped up the corpse of their website, applied some make-up and tried to infuse it with life, sort of.

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First, as the predominant color, they appropriated the color blue. But this is the Democrat’s color—New York is a “blue state”—remember?

Next, they revealed themselves as “the gang that couldn’t spell straight.” It is a measure of the Republicans’ sincerity that they misspelled the word “sincerely” on their website.

Moreover, having lost the Republican line on the ballot, they coined a new slogan as a cover-up: “Vote village before party on March 20th.” The truth is it will be impossible to vote Republican on March 20th. To reinforce the impression that the new party somehow has achieved official blessing of the village, the new website has illegally appropriated Croton’s official logo for political purposes, giving the impression that the website and the candidates have official endorsement of some kind. They don’t, so remove the logo.

The entire effort smacks of desperation. What would you call it, Mr. Mayor? And it all happened on your watch. So, Crotonblog is compelled to ask once again, “What’s up, Doc?”


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