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After Winter Storms, Croton Sidewalks Required to be Shoveled

February 28, 2007

As a reminder to business owners and residents of Croton-on-Hudson, village ordinance requires all sidewalks that border properties to be cleared of snow and ice after a winter storm. Failure to do so may result in being given a summons to appear in village court and/or a subsequent fine.

Photo: The unshoveled sidewalk in front of the Croton Dodge storage lot on South Riverside Avenue taken on February 28, 2007.

Specifically, and according to Village Manager Rick Herbek, “People should make plans to get cars off the streets when there is 2 or more inches of snow; sidewalks needs to be shoveled, but not before the DPW is done plowing; residents should clear any hydrants; snow should not be put back into the street; and it is the homeowners responsibility to clear off crosswalks.”

On March 1, 2007 4:54 PM, SAS said:

While, of course, it’s a great idea to have village residents and businesses keep their public walkways free of snow and ice, and for the village to enforce any laws or regulations to aid in this effort, the village really has very little room to complain or point fingers. As a former employee at the daily parking lot at Croton-Harmon station, I saw dangerous ice patches and rock-hard snow banks between parking spots stay for up to two weeks after a storm, despite the lots being very close to empty during the weekends, when a more throrough plowing or salt/gravel spreading would have been a cinch. Their eventual disappearance had more to do with clear, sunny skies than any action taken by the village.

On February 28, 2007 12:25 PM, dors said:

Top shelf idea Mr. Stevenson, to have our parking enforcement gals write non-compliance tickets to homeowners not shoveling their sidewalks. The P.E. gals seem to love their jobs and might be happy writing more tickets. Think of all the new revenue for the village. Tough on the homeowners but great for the coffers.

On February 28, 2007 11:38 AM, Wayne Stevenson said:

Although the village laws require snow removal, a number of businesses don’t comply with the regulations, making a walk to the train station treacherous in snowy weather.

Even worse are the sidewalks that lead to our schools. There are long stretches of Cleveland Avenue with sidewalks that are not cleared. You can see elementary school kids stumbling down the icy sidewalks.

The blame for this must rest with the village… the laws are there, but they are not being enforced. Perhaps the village should put as much effort into collecting fines for icy sidewalks as they do writing parking tickets.


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