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Miss Fit Says: "It's March. Things are Starting to Change. Which is Both Good and Bad"

March 1, 2007


The bad news: A huge portion of folks who recently started working out to achieve their New Year’s resolution will start falling off the wagon.
The good news: The gym won’t be so crowded for those of us who stick it out!

The bad news: Rain is going to wash all that good snow off the mountains for those of us who enjoy skiing and just playing in it.
The good news: Those who are getting bored just working out in the gym (I’m with you on this one!) can get back outside.

The bad news: The workout you’ve been doing since Jan.1 is no longer doing you good.
The good news: If you change things up, you’re less apt to get bored, and your muscles will be more challenged. See my Feb. 9th blog for more suggestions on how to make your workout less routine.

The bad news: Running or walking on the treadmill can be like Chinese water torture for some of us (MissFit included).
The good news: Since it’s warming up, you can walk, run and, once the snow clears off the shoulder, even ride your bike outside! Rolling terrain, with ups and downhills, is much more engaging to the brain (especially if you pick a course with some decent scenery) and to the muscles and bones (gravity is what you need, something less present on a treadmill. if you set it at less than 1.5 incline). To give you extra motivation, pick an event that’s coming up—March 18th is the Taconic Road Runner’s St. Pat’s 10K/2 miler. May 20th is the Bloomin’ Metric bike tour, with distances from 25 to 62 miles. You don’t have to race—just do it to do it.

The bad news: This week’s blog is over.
The good news: No more need to be sitting at your computer reading—get outside already!

MissFit, aka Eve Hartman, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer who gladly makes house calls. For more information, contact her at 914-588-0591 or at To subscribe to Miss Fit’s RSS feed, click here.


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