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Monica Sabia Attacks Crotonblog, We Respond

March 3, 2007

The following letter to the editor appeared in The Gazette this week:

“To the Editor,

I’ve known Greg Schmidt for 17 years and he is a nice guy. So nice that I was shocked that he wanted to enter the political arena. Still surprised all the time that he has been mayor, that he suffers the local slings and arrows and is still nice. Wants to help, wants to fix things. Believes in fighting the good fight, and believes in his community. Asks opinions, and listens to answers. Listens.

I cannot pretend to speak to the biggest issues of this campaign; I don’t go to the meetings and I hardly hang around the village much these days. I tried to read the Croton Blog but such was the vitriol and inanity that my computer resigned in protest.

So for me it’s a matter of trust, of someone I believe in to represent me and to consider my issues. Here’s my personal rubric: Were I rendered incapable of driving, and had to choose our mayor and some of the Powers That Be in the Democratic Party, geez, Greg would win. I have seen the PTB’s hunched over the wheels of their not-so-small, energy-inefficient autos, so hell bent on their destination that heaven help anything or anyone in their way. In all the years I’ve lived in Croton (23) I don’t think I have ever seen Greg Schmidt behind the wheel of a car, yet he is the one I trust to ask for directions.

— Monica Sabia, Croton-on-Hudson”

Crotonblog’s comments: Ms. Monica Sabia’s letter compares the lot of Croton’’s mayor, in office less than two years, to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune endured by Hamlet, Shakespeare’s long-suffering Danish prince. She also admits that she doesn’t understand the issues of the campaign, so she devised a new yardstick by which to evaluate candidates: She will vote for them on the basis of the fuel efficiency of the vehicles they drive.

By her own admission, Ms Sabia also says she doesn’t get around much anymore, and she has never seen the Mayor behind the wheel of a car. The logic of this escapes us. The home of her hero, Mr. Nice Guy Gregory Schmidt, is strategically located between his chiropractic office and the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building, so Ms. Sabia on Finney Farm Road isn’t likely to see him behind the wheel of his Ford pickup truck. Nevertheless, Crotonblog can assure her that the Mayor has been spotted locally in precincts he cannot possibly have reached on shanks’ mare.

And if her computer gave up the ghost because it couldn’t handle the bitter truths Crotonblog dispenses, we suggest that she contact a reputable PC diagnostic and repair service like Computers on Hudson.

On March 5, 2007 10:34 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

Among the many things that the Elliott administration did to address energy issues, was to attack the supply side by being the first, and by leading the way for municipal governments to buy renewable (wind) energy and to attack the demand side, by offering free parking at the railroad station (first in NY state) to all hybrid and fuel efficient cars. Among the first actions taken by the Schmidt administration was the repeal of this resolution by reducing the incentive by half.

On March 5, 2007 6:58 PM, PoliAnna said:

Anyone seeking to vote for Trustee candidates based on the fuel efficiency of their car should most certainly vote for Sally Odland. Sally had the very first Toyota Prius in the Village, which she traded for a second generation, even-more-fuel-efficient Toyota Prius.

On March 3, 2007 5:58 PM, KWilly said:

On terms of the issue of who drives what, it is a very trivial issue. It really does not matter what our local officials drive. I would rather have a mayor that drives a Hummer who has merit than a mayor who drives a Beetle who lacks merit.

Also her point even if it was important is false. I have received rides home from Leo and from Ann both of whom drive small energy efficient cars. I would give the woman some credit if the point was true but in this case it is false and a useless point to bring into the discussion.

  • Kevin W. Davis

On March 3, 2007 1:48 PM, weewill said:

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that when one enters the “political arena”, he or she must be prepared to “suffer the slings and arrows” thrown by the PTB in each respective party. They have been particularly personal and barbed in the past ten years or so. While it would be easy to ignore it as political posturing, it is cowardly to stand by silently and allow truth to be compromised.

This 2007 campaign has been deluged with much too much “trash talk.” This emotionally charged trash transfer issue concerns us all. That concern, however, should not be a license to conduct a campaign of fear and misinformation.

Disturbing, factually incorrect emails are being circulated by a small guerrilla group that seriously misrepresent the reality of the 1A Croton Point Avenue (transfer station) issue. They are playing political games with our future and we cannot allow the inflammatory accusations they are hurling to go unchallenged. Without a single shred of evidence or documentation, they try to make you believe that our children are at risk, our health and safety is being compromised, the air we breathe will give us asthma and real estate values will plummet.

Equally disturbing is they would have you believe important government officials and agencies are supporting our litigation in court to prevent a transfer station from operating at that location. They would have us believe that a win in court will prevent any trash transfer station from opening there. Both of these statements are patently untrue and flawed.

And finally, most egregious, is their not so subliminal message (in fact publicly stated) suggestion that our good friends and neighbors, Ann, Leo and Sally have some insidious agenda to sellout Croton’s interests for money. Their insulting “trash for cash” slogan is suggestive, dishonest and abhorrent to fair and decent campaigns.

It’s important to know that Ann, Leo and Sally join every resident in the Village of Croton who want to ensure the health, safety and welfare of us all. They are acting responsibly when they explore the possibilities of hard negotiations and discussions to provide a viable alternative to control what could be a very troublesome outcome should we lose in court. We need to gain control ourselves and not leave our future to chance or to the discretion of a some far away judge.

Georgianna Grant


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