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Seven Goofs in 90 Minutes Set New Record in LWV Debate

March 13, 2007

Croton Republican candidates for mayor and trustee played fast and loose with their presentations during Tuesday night’s League of Women Voters debate at the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building. Try these on for size:

  1. It may be an effective sales tactic for Susan Konig while on the air at Sirius Radio with husband Dave, but to plug her book during a candidate debate was shameful—not funny.

  2. When Neil Haber asked the trustee candidates “What specific ideas or proposals do you have to increase the non-residential tax base of the village of Croton?”€, candidate Konig said “Well, that’s a good question. Um, I don’t know, Neil, just to be perfectly honest with you if I have um, plans to increase that tax base.”€ Candidate Brennan said, “That’s a very good question, Mr. Haber. Okay? And there isn’t a lot of answers to that question. Okay? But I can give you a couple synopses about the way I feel about that. I think our candidates probably have some good answers to that question. And one of them would probably be maybe some type of ah, situation down at the train station where maybe some type of low income housing or some kind of shops would be put in down there for some type of tax base.”

  3. Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt, it was Elmer Fudd not Bugs Bunny who would have said “Wailwoads of Mass Destwuction”€. Your punishment is to watch 24 hours of Loony Tunes without a bathroom break.

  4. Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt, repeat after me. Say it again and again. Crotonblog is not a chat room. If you call Crotonblog a chatroom again, we’ll make you write “A blog is a blog” one hundred times on the blackboard.

  5. You lied when you predicted that 30,000 trucks would clog the streets of Croton—that would be one truck every 4 minutes of every work day. No facility could handle that many trucks. We challenge you to show the public how you came up with that phony number.

  6. Paralleling the Bush administration’s use of Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify an unprovoked attack on Iraq, local Republican candidates have stolen a page from the party’s playbook and continue to harp on a single issue, 1A Croton Point Avenue. Sorry, folks. It worked once—but we’re not falling for this tactic a second time. Go peddle your lies elsewhere.

  7. It was stupid of you mayor to expect both Metro North and Hudson National Golf Course to pay sewer rents when their water usage doesn’t wind up in Croton’s sewers.

Video clip:

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On March 14, 2007 5:44 PM, KWilly said:

The Alliance Party can be positive and say that their question response probability would make a great batting average (Tom Brennan used to coach little league) or a good on base percentage.

On March 14, 2007 2:43 PM, Seth Davis said:

Oh, don’t be so hard on Leo.

On March 14, 2007 1:54 PM, KWilly said:

After attending last night’s debate i decided to watch the debate again and take score. I took score on each question and gave and recorded whether or not the question was answered. For questions that were answered 1 point was awarded, for questions given a partial answer a half a point was awarded, and for questions that were not answered 0 points were recorded. A partial answer would be answering the question and then talking about something else or starting to talk about something else unrelated and then answering the question. I then added up all the points and divided it by the number of questions asked and turned this into a percentage. I then converted the percentages to a letter grade just like they use in school. Here are my results:

Democrats/Croton Tax Payers Mayoral Candidate Ann Gallelli Questions Asked: 7 Questions Answered: 7 Questions Partially Answered: 0 Questions Not Answered: 0 Percent: 100% Letter Grade: A+

Trustee Leo Wiegman Questions Asked: 7 Questions Answered: 4 Questions Partially Answered: 2 Questions Not Answered: 1 Percent: 71% Letter Grade: C-

Trustee Candidate Sally Odland Questions Asked: 7 Questions Answered: 7 Questions Partially Answered: 0 Questions Not Answered: 0 Percent: 100% Letter Grade: A+

All Democrats/Croton Tax Payers Percent: 90% Letter Grade: A-

Alliance Mayor Greg Schmidt Questions Asked: 7 Questions Answered: 2 Questions Partially Answered: 2 Questions Not Answered: 3 Percent: 43% Letter Grade: F

Deputy Mayor/Trustee Tom Brennan Questions Asked: 7 Questions Answered: 0 Questions Partially Answered: 5 Questions Not Answered: 2 Percent: 36% Letter Grade: F

Trustee Candidate Susan Konig Questions Asked: 7 Questions Answered: 2 Questions Partially Answered: 1 Questions Not Answered: 0 Percent: 36% Letter Grade: F

All Alliance Percent: 38% Letter Grade: F

Overall the Democrats did so well at answering the questions that next year they will be in Advanced Placement or Honors. Sally and Ann did so well that they do not have to take the final. For the Alliance they failed miserably at answering the questions. They did so bad that they wont be able to even pass for this year if they go to summer school. They will have to be held back and their parents will be notified immediately.

  • Kevin W. Davis

On March 14, 2007 7:36 AM, Mrs. Smith said:

I urge all residents to watch this debate, televised last night and repeated over several nights and, available on the Blog. This “debate” proves beyond doubt that the Republicans are one issue candidates to the detriment of all other village issues. Almost any question asked, even from their own supporters - the same crew which turns up at every meeting and hogs the camera and valuable village time - was answered with a diatribe about 1A Croton Point Avenue and it’s imagined ills. Ms. Konig had no response for a perfectly reasonable question about how to increase non-residential taxes - surely the type of question that is top of most village taxpayers list. Mr. Brennan turned all his questions into a monologue about 1A CPA.
The one thing that did surprise me was to hear both Brennan and Schmidt claim that they had alleviated brown water problems in Harmon. This is a bold faced lie, claiming credit for a project that was proposed, sent out to bid and contracted out whilst the previous administration was in office.


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