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Thanks for Your Endorsements and Support

March 14, 2007

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Thank you to all our friends who attended our annual Democratic Soup Supper last Sunday, March 11, 2007. The beautiful Spring day at the Croton Yacht Club was a perfect complement to the over 120 people who came throughout the afternoon.

(l to r) Trustee Leo Wiegman, Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano, Trustee Ann Gallelli and Trustee-candidate Sally Odland

A special thanks is in order to the many Westchester and State officials who attended to offer their support on our behalf. Among them were County Executive Andy Spano, State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, Westchester County Legislators Bill Burton and Mike Kaplowitz, Ossining Mayor William Hanauer and the Ossining Trustees, and Frank Farrell, from the Town of Cortlandt Council along with written support from Linda Puglisi, Town Supervisor.

As candidates we appreciated the opportunity to meet and chat with all of you.


Ann Gallelli, Sally Odland and Leo Wiegman

On March 14, 2007 10:47 PM, KWilly said:

WestchesterIntegrityCommittee - Although i am glad you have a thing for people i don’t like i am not please at the matter you are going about this. The comment was sleezy and seemed to have little connection to the Croton people or the topic. It seems to be the same type of an argument that Maria Cudequest uses. I guess now i know what it is like to have a disagreeable person on my side - Kevin W. Davis

On March 14, 2007 9:49 PM, WestchesterIntegrityCommittee said:

Big defeat for MacKay in Court.

The Yonkers Insider writes this editorial on the big defeat for Frank MacKay in Kings County. It ruled that MacKay’s amendment to State Committee rules to give it the right to remove members and officers of county committee was declared invalid. The is a basic rebuking of MacKay by Supreme Court Judge Levine. Levine further ruled that this action violated the provisions of Election Law regarding the County Committees. This is a total loss and rebuking of MacKay. This will have far reaching implications as well. This decision will give no power to MacKay in trying to help protect his partner - Giulio Cavallo. MacKay can’t intervene and undo a fair and legal Westchester Reorg, thanks to this courageous decision. Much credit goes to Justice Levine who showed courage much like Supreme Court Justice Donovan did prior. The reign of Cavallo will soon be over, once the legal reorg happens. It will be a new day of Integrity returning to the Westchester County Independence Party, in terms of new leadership of Nader Sayegh and The Westchester Integrity Committee. The rule of law will return to the Westchester County Independence Party and will be the end of the corrupt team known as Team Corruption.

The Yonkers Insider


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