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High Praise for Crotonblog from Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt

March 15, 2007


According to the mayor, Crotonblog is the “The Internet chat room that everybody uses in this community.” We’ll forgive him for confusing a blog with a chat room, but we hope he’ll soon learn the difference.

Crotonblog is happy to report that website traffic for January and February 2007 remained strong—exceeding our most optimistic expectations. As illustrated in the chart above, during January, Crotonblog welcomed 4,507 unique visitors who initiated 15,881 visitor sessions and viewed 65,948 pages. While in February, there were 4,337 unique visitors who initiated 14,985 visitor sessions and viewed 62,754 pages.

That’s an average of 512 daily visits and 2,127 daily page views in January, while in February there were 535 daily visits and 2,241 daily page views!

Throughout that time period, the following ranked as the top ten most viewed posts on Crotonblog:

  1. Marie Yurchuk Takes a Swipe at Crotonblog. We Respond

  2. Croton GOP Candidates Lose Republican Party Line

  3. Croton Republicans Conspired to Hijack Village Board Meeting

  4. Earnest Testimonies of Faith at Croton Village Board Session—A Satirical Report

  5. Croton Point Coyote

  6. Croton Police Blotter - Week of December 12th

  7. Luvin’ Croton from Shore to Shops…

  8. The Plot Thickens: The Cabal Against Crotonblog

  9. Rob DiFrancesco, You’re Fired

  10. A Satirical Report on Croton’s Feb. 5 Village Board Meeting

As always, we are very appreciative to our readership who access Crotonblog via the web, mobile devices, offline with “to go,” RSS newsfeeds and by our email newsletter (subscribe below to get Crotonblog headlines sent to your email inbox each morning).

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In particular, we tip our hat with gratitude to our neighbors who write in with requests to help them promote upcoming local events, the “guy in the kitchen,” the “Crotonbloggers” for their thoughtful and polite commentary, and especially those who have been SO generous lately in signing up for a “voluntary subscription” to Crotonblog.


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