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Video Interview: Meet the Croton Democrats

March 16, 2007

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We think that the time is right for residents to review a calm and concise presentation from us, Ann Gallelli, Sally Odland, and Leo Wiegman, about some of the big goals that we’ve planned for the Village of Croton-on-Hudson.

Therefore, we have produced 5 short videos and posted them on YouTube for residents to watch and share (the clips are also embedded below). In these video clips, Croton resident Rick Sammon interviews us about our “7 Goals for 2007” for Croton, and why we are running for the mayoral and trustee seats in the upcoming village election to be held on March 20, 2007, in the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building.

In each video clip Ann, Sally and Leo explain why Croton’s agenda is very diverse and also why it is so important to move forward on many different issues at the same time in the coming years.

Meet Ann, Sally and Leo: The candidates introduce themselves and explain why they are running for office (2:20 minutes). Watch the full-screen version.

Finances, the Commuter Parking Lot and Volunteers: Ann describes plans for finance, economic development, and for helping commuters and our volunteer boards (1:10 minutes). Watch the full-size version.

Transfer Station at 1A Croton Point Avenue and the Croton River Compact: Leo discusses resolving lawsuits, waste transfer stations and moving forward on the Croton River Compact (1:18 minutes). Watch the full-size version.

Sustainable Hudson Valley and the Green Map: Sally talks about joining the Sustainable Hudson Valley Living Economies program and green-mapping Croton (1:05 minutes). Watch the full-size version.

Summary: Ann adds a few final thoughts about importance of moving ahead on more than one issue. (0:40 minutes). Watch the full-size version.

— Ann Gallelli, Sally Odland, Leo Wiegman

On March 17, 2007 9:21 AM, waffels said:

there was an idea floating around awhile back about building an elevated multi-level parking area down at the train station. Accessed from the area just beyond the road down to the station and before the bridge….it seems that it could be quite large and with the multi leveles could be a real asset and money maker….there is a huge backlog of people wanting parking and I’m sure the number crunchers would see the long term financial benefit……something to think about…….candidates?……..


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