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Candidate Schmidt Dummies Up Under Crotonblog's Barrage of Questions

March 19, 2007

In the past year Crotonblog politely posed a series of 16 questions to Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt in our regular column titled “What’s up, Doc?”. Here are the questions we asked Mayor Schmidt and his considerably less-than-eloquent answers.

1. Why do Croton Republican lawn signs include a website address that doesn’t exist? nothing
2. Why does the Croton Republican’s website include a purloined copy of the village’s $20,000 logo? zip
3. Now that Croton Republican Committee Chairman Rob DiFrancesco has been fired, who’s in charge of your party? zilch
4. When news of Croton’s “fake water bill” scam made national and international news, you said nothing. Why? zippo
5. Is Croton really going to spend millions on a new community center based on your survey initiative that yielded paltry results? zero
6. When your single-issue supporters misuse the privilege of addressing the board of trustees, how come you never call the meeting to order? blank
7. Why did your hand-picked village attorney remain on the payroll after she chose not to renew her contract with the village? diddly squat
8. Why did it take you and Trustee Brennan two years to send out a simple community center survey that still has not been tabulated? goose egg
9. Why did you invite Regus Industries’ principal to meet with the board in July 2006, and rebuff him ever since? naught
10. Your supporter Richard Pellicci went ballistic and demanded that the he not be photographed when addressing the board. Why did you allow his request to stand? cipher
11. Croton has spent over $1.4 million in legal fees related to the waste transfer station located at 1A Croton Point Avenue. How do you expect the village to keep paying for your “no negotiate” stance? nichts
12. Each year the Croton Rotary Club, of which you are a member, holds an annual car show at the train station parking lot. No one is ever asked to pay for parking during the event. So, why did you want to charge parkers who attend Clearwater? rien
13. The village assessor forgot to extend property tax credits to seniors in 2006. Why did you refuse to offer them tax credits for their overpayment? nada
14. Why did you vote against a resolution to retain an attorney who specialized in eminent domain law in connection with 1A Croton Point Avenue? niente
15. You voted to authorize $175,000 in spending to build a skatepark in Croton. Why did you decide to attach a fee for use by Croton residents? nihil
16. Why was nothing done about the suggestion to bottle Croton water and sell it? nullity

Based on this unresponsive record, who could possibly think that the Sphinxlike Gregory Schmidt, who doesn’t even answer citizens’ emails, deserves to be re-elected mayor of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson?

On March 28, 2007 1:12 PM, Devil's Advocate said:


I would be glad to answer why I dont provide a name. I am a local business owner that can be severly impacted financially by zoning changes and other village legislation.

My public face is one of political neutrality. My posts on this blog are meant to provoke debate and brainstorming and have no political slant at all, hence the name Devil’s Advocate. (if you go back and read them carefully you will find what I am saying confirmed)

On March 28, 2007 12:44 PM, KWilly said:

Devil’s Advocate, Gringo is a term used by Mexicans for white people (assuming your white). Im still trying to wonder why you don’t sign your name because i think if you are willing to make a point you should do it in your name instead of hiding behind a computer. Maybe you can answer why dont you sign? Kevin W. Davis

On March 28, 2007 12:43 PM, KWilly said:

Devil’s Advocate, Gringo is a term used by Mexicans for white people (assuming your white). Im still trying to wonder why you don’t sign your name because i think if you are willing to make a point you should do it in your name instead of hiding behind a computer. Maybe you can answer why dont you sign? Kevin W. Davis

On March 28, 2007 12:31 PM, Devil's Advocate said:


Lets take a look at your post again. Firstly you started the subject post addressing me specifically:

“Devil’s Advocate,”

The following sentence is what I took great exception to

“I think if those people were white you wouldn’t notice that they were not from Croton because they probably don’t bother you.”

You twice used the word “you” in this sentence. You did not say “the few on that side” as you said in your most recent response but you chose to use “you” in a post responding specifically to MY comments.

P.S. Can you explain what you meant by the term “Gringo” in the post above?

On March 28, 2007 11:30 AM, KWilly said:

Devil’s Advocate,

I don’t think you need any damn apology from me. Maybe i would respect your posts more if you were willing to step up to the plate and actually sign your posts like i do. I did not intend my comments to imply that you are intentionally racist i was just referring to the general debate. In the past one of the main talking points for the debate on out of towners is that they are from areas like Bronx, Peekskill, and Ossining where the populations happen to have alot of minorities. Although few on that side have actually said it directly it seems when there are gringo out of towners that visit our parks no one seems to pay attention but when its a minority they seem to be observed more closely. The only apology i will make is that i’m sorry if you didn’t understand my point but i’m not sorry for what i said.

Kevin W. Davis

On March 28, 2007 10:00 AM, Devil's Advocate said:


I meant to confront you on your post earlier and have now remembered to do so.

In my post where I said:

“I would much rather see a sponsorship sign at Croton Landing than picnic with carloads of drunks from the Bronx (if you have ever been to Croton Point park on a weekend in the summer, you know what I’m talking about).”


In your reply you said:

“I do see Hispanics who speak Spanish who fish but they are not drunk. I think if those people were white you wouldn’t notice that they were not from Croton because they probably don’t bother you.”

You interjected race in your comments NOT ME.


On March 20, 2007 6:17 PM, notorc said:

Are you saying you haven’t witnessed a depreciation of truck traffic since ME closed?

Well, I was just with two friends that live on 129 and both say they appreciate the lack of traffic recently. I wish they would get more involved but they both also have two little kids and are busy otherwise.

FYI - Route 6 is most likely the preferred E-W corridor to Karta. Looking at a map, that’s the route I would take, not 129

I wish someone with some foresight would have performed a traffic pattern study before and after.

On March 20, 2007 4:08 PM, waffels said:

FYI…….Rt. 9 is the main N/S route for this side of the county and Rt. 129(Maple St.) is the main E/W route for the middle of the county. ME or not there will be trucks if they are not just accessing the highway they will be utilizing these major routes to head 3 miles north to Karta recycling. No one from the “No Garbage” campaign ever mentions this monster operator. 3-4 miles as the crow/dust flys, 10 times the size of ME and never a word. Maybe because all the people screaming are supporters of the republican campaign and Karta is a huge republican supporter……Hmmmmm?

On March 20, 2007 3:31 PM, notorc said:

I am probably wasting my time with you as you clearly don’t understand the fact that just saying “no” to BSG at A1 CPA will just not work.

Condsescending tones like that don’t help to unite people. It is not a fact that fighting will not work.

How will I feel if we lose and trash is hauled…not too bad. Personally, I’m more against the traffic in the village than the site itself as I don’t live in HMB. If we were somehow able to limit the traffic to on/off route 9, that itself would be a big win. The only exposure I get to the site is when traversing “Elliott’s Way”…how ironic that at the end of “Elliott’s Way” is this mess.

If you’re a fan of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, you’d appreciate why I’m against the traffic.

I’m also against unfairly taxing entities such as BSG. If they win, they win “fair and square”…end of story.

In fact, if the transfer station is open, should our elected officials should lobby for businesses revolving around the trucking industry? Perhaps truck mechanics, tire station, a diesel fueling station, a truck stop, a place to blow off steam and what ever else truckers desire.

On March 20, 2007 2:53 PM, Just The Facts said:


I am probably wasting my time with you as you clearly don’t understand the fact that just saying “no” to BSG at A1 CPA will just not work. While it is simple and makes sense at first glance, it is simply put a flawed strategy.

For starters, these entities have more financial ability to fight this then the voters of Croton. Their pockets are deeper and the amount of $$ at stake will make them fight to the bitter end. If you seriously think it is worth fighting, get ready to put more money in that jar in your kitchen every day. Plus, imaging the kick in the ass it will be if we lose at the STB and the feds preempt any ability we have to regulatge this entity at all. At this point the real horror show begins when they can then start taking all kinds of waste. How are you going to feel then?

Also, in answering your question as to why things are so partisan, look no further then Schmidt and his supporters. ALthough Schmidt and Brennan may not utter the lies of Konig, Mrs. C and crew, they definitely stand by and let it take place for their own benefit. Such complicitly makes them no worse then these unethical liars. Political parties aside, I can not vote for someone for an elected office (particularly one entitled “trustee”) if they have no ethics whatsoever.

On March 20, 2007 6:49 AM, MGTD said:


Greg Schmidt is NOT a member of the Croton Lions Club, he is a member of the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club sponsors the annual car show, the Lions Club sponsors the annual Christmas tree sale.

On March 20, 2007 1:21 AM, notorc said:

OK, I will reluctantly add my two cents. Why reluctantly? Because in the past, I have gone against the norm on this site and was called a racist. More frustrating, when Charlie Kane finally completed the Croton River Compact, he was applauded(and I too applaud him for that) yet I was called a racist for complaining about the issues the compact addresses…go figure. Besides, this is a Democratic chat room even though the creators won’t admit being linked to from the Democrat’s website…although honestly, I’m not sure what the big deal was with the link.

Anyway, let’s chat. Devil’s Advocate, I agree with you in regards to supporting the Republican plan on ME. Fight until the end, period. What frustrates me is neither side has actively pursued alternative businesses. I like your idea of limiting the truck traffic if possible. If it was simply Route 9A, on and off, that’d be great. I don’t miss the large trucks passing by the blue pig as I’m out there having ice cream.

The reason I won’t vote for AnnG is she is NOT good for attracting businesses. Let’s look at her track record in regards to high profile lawsuits. Hamilton House, village lost. Exxon, village lost then ironically Exxon went on to win the first Visual Beautification Award. Katz was squeezed out in a what I consider back handed eminent domain, a despicable act. Now Regus is being looked at as a cash cow. Come into our village, we’ll give you permits but you have to pay a monthly vig. Garbage is riddled with organized crime so Croton might as well get its protection money too right…WRONG!

I’m glad you brought up the river front and using NYS funds to improve it. I agree, it was not a great idea. Each year, the property is a bit more popular. Speak to any long time resident about the conditions of Croton Point during the eighties…that’s something we don’t want to go back to. And the fact that we don’t charge $8 for parking just might attract more people. The good news is, so far, it hasn’t been much of a problem…lets hope it stays that way. Although, if you’re up on the waterfront, you’ll remember last October a few boats were broken into at the Yacht Club….the first time in several years.

I personally am against opening the parks. Why? Our parks department is stretched thin enough as it is and if you were one of the people waiting to get into silver lake last year, you’d be opposed to it too. I have no problem asking those that actually use the parks to chip in a bit more (as opposed to others that don’t use the parks). I also don’t want to pay for a skate park or maintaining county parks at Croton Point in order to help non-residents. I’m sorry but our Croton taxes are high enough. I can’t afford to subsidize out of towners.

IMHO, Croton is a most special place due to it’s open spaces, two rivers and plenty of trails and parks. Most of these facilities are open 24/7 to the general public just restricted during high use times. To me, this is a perfect plan. In fact, other than ME, the biggest issue for the democratic ticket is the environment. Heck, I agree, the environment needs to be protected but other than the ME site and the traffic it produces, I simply don’t see any issues with our environment here in Croton. In fact, we have a stellar reputation (if you continue to ignore the Harmon yards). So I wonder, why is the environment such a hot item?

Let’s talk taxes. Personally, this is my biggest threat to this village and part of the reason I was annoyed the Katz property was removed from the tax roll (at current and future values). As taxes go up each year 5-10%, I find it tougher to keep up as my income does not rise accordingly. If you pay a modest $12,000 in taxes, that’s $1,000/month or $250/week or $50 per business day you must pay just to live here. Picture coming home from work and putting $50 in the mayonnaise jar for taxes…every day!! Just to tread water, YIKES!

AnnG said she wants to maximize the parking lot revenue. Well now, isn’t that lovely. I find it interesting that none of our trustees use the lot. With Cortlandt expanding their lot and the number of direct runs from GCT, we’re going to lose customers to them. If I wasn’t paying village rates, I’d consider driving to White Plains as some friends have. The parking lot is a damn mess, please don’t add insult to injury by overly burdening the commuters. At least the flooding has finally been addressed in the form of a plan for high tides. Also, we finally have some concrete ideas and costs on solving the problem.

In the end, I’m voting for Greg Schmidt and will probably split the ticket on the other two…I just can’t deny LeoW…he’s a good guy (but hey, what happened to his eye there?).

I give Ann G alot of credit for her commitment to the community. I just don’t agree with the control tactics and get the feeling keeping taxes under control is the furthest from her mind. Soup is great at a fund raiser but I don’t want to be eating it every night just so I can afford to live in Westchester’s Riviera.

PS - as if I wasn’t long winded enough….why is it that everything is so damn polarized on party lines? Vote for the individual. I’d also like to see a vote at the board meetings that ISN’T down party lines…get real folks, we’re all neighbors, do what’s right for Croton not the Republican or Democratic parties….CROTON FIRST.

On March 19, 2007 8:59 PM, Just The Facts said:


I don’t want to criticize you as I believe you are trying to make an informed decision, which is good. But, don’t you think you are being a bit hypocritical. When you don’t like a business in Croton you want to regulate it out of business and by using road regulations in a backhanded and completely transparent fashion.

However, for other businesses that you have no trouble with, you get upset by the village government getting involved with regulations. Now, I don’t want to compare Blue Pig’s sign with a waste hauling business (as it is clear which is worse). But, we have all been to places that were lax with zoning requirements (see Houston), do we really want that for Croton? What would happen to our housing values then?

Finally, you are completely mistaken when it comes to using road regulations to regulate this business. Make no mistake on the law on this, if they win at the STB, NO regulation Croton ever imposes against them will EVER be applicable to them > THEY WILL BE COMPLETELY EXEMPT. Do you really want to play Russian Roulette on this one like the Republicans seem willing to do?

On March 19, 2007 8:11 PM, Seth Davis said:

By the way, what my son (the character known as KWilly) says is true. I wrote a letter to the Gazette, submitted it well before their deadline, and they didn’t publish it. I suspect the reason they refused to do so is that I said complimentary things about the letter that Paul Doyle wrote the week before.

Here is my final paragraph of the letter, which obviously does not measure up to the literary merits of the Cudequests, Minetts or Moores:

“This is not the time to throw temper tantrums and “just say no.” It is the time for reasoned dialogue and mature solutions. Only the Democratic candidates have shown the capacity and desire to do what is right, and they will have my support.”

Seth Davis

On March 19, 2007 7:25 PM, Devil's Advocate said:


FYI,THe village has taken over Croton Point Avenue and part of Riverside Avenue recently. Restriction on these roads would be very effective and now doable. Again this is just one of many simultaneous tactics we could use in addition to litigation and negotiation.

I grew up in the area and actually spent time on the lines to get trucks into Croton Point when I was younger with friends who were drivers. I remeber the Metro site back then and it was a disaster, however there was opportunity to disallow it from opening and it was a missed opportunity.

I may vote democrat because I think the Republican ticket is WEAK, however it will not be due to policy, which I think is flawed. This dialogue is helping howevr. Thank you all for participating.

On March 19, 2007 7:15 PM, Devil's Advocate said:

We as taxpayers pay for the maintenance of the roads and should not have to foot the bill for truck traffic to MEtro Enviro. I say impose the regulation NOW so they are not timed to correspoond with any court decision.

LEt me again be clear, I think the rebublican adminstration has accomplished absolutely nothing but stagnation. However, I do not agree with many democratic positions as I pointed out in my first post.

1) The comprehensive plan infriges on property rights and is WRONG for economic development. It is rooted in aesthetics not business economics. Commercial developers understand that they need to do a good job in order to lure tenants. Space needs to be sized appropriately and have attributes the Comprehensice Plan and subsequent zoning makes economically impossible. I think many of you would be surprised how many commercial development projects are or have been approved but were deemed economically flawed because of restrictions imposed by the planning board, Visual Environmnet board,etc. Don’t you think it is rediculous that a business can spend 2 months getting a sign approved? Just ask the Blue Pig. The Planning Board is functioning as a homeowners association. Planning Board approval for small conforming additions? Give me a break!

2) Ann Gallelli and many of her would be appointees to important Board positions were initially responsible for this mess by approving the original permit despite public outcry, and took know creative approach to the problem then as they are not now.

3) PAssive recreation at the waterfront eliminates and chance of public-private PArtnership development of the riverfront, which would accelerate completion of the project.

On March 19, 2007 6:59 PM, waffels said:

DA…..a few facts you are forgetting……the main rds in the village are actually State Rds and the village has very little control over what does and doesn’t happen..I believe they make requests and it’s up to the state to decide….most of the big truck traffic is on these rds….Affordable housing happens when very committed people from usually non profit organizations find moneys to make housing available for people that need it. I would have to say that the Mt. Airy units are pretty good considering this. The village was involved with the process and worked very hard to achieve a wonderful opportunity for those selected. I suggest you contact the Westchester Housing Network for more info on how you can get involved. I have lived here for 48 years and Croton has always been a community that welcomes any and all….the elitist process that has taken over our parks nauseates me….park passes for residents and all else no entry…it’s pretty scary and should be changed to accept all visitors….you need to do your homework regarding ME….back in the day of Deb McCarthy it has been used as a political tool, scare tactic stratagy at it’s best….many of the old timer trustees, Chuck Trendell, Roland Bogardus, Bob Karas, supporting the Rep. policies were in office when the ME site was a monstrous mess and never did anything….we’re talking 20 years ago….thank you Bob Elliot and his administrations for cleaning the site up and gaining control of how it operates. The Deb McCarthy Rep. and their ways have put us in the position we are in today…..this is not a new issue there are many years of information that is not getting to the public….The Republican stratagy is abusive and transparent….big time politicing in a small village….we need to get back to civil debate and move our village forward, with the current Republican gang it’s not happening….easy decision for me on Tues…..

On March 19, 2007 6:55 PM, Seth Davis said:

Devil’s Advocate:

There is a very real possibility that if Regus prevails and the STB’s permitting authority is held to preempt state and local law, the Village would NOT be allowed to impose any limitations on trucks going to the site. That is just a part of the danger that we face—and the dangerous game that the Mayor wants to play. We risk losing the ability to control materials, volume of use, onsite activities—I could go on at greater length.

So, in fact, your suggestion would not work with Regus if we continued to litigate and they won.

Seth Davis

On March 19, 2007 6:46 PM, Just The Facts said:


What I don’t see is exactly how are the Village’s interest better served with the Republicans? It is simply not true that the Dems want to allow that business to operate down there. In fact, I don’t think there are many (if any) Crotonites (dems or republicans) who want that site to operate. The real questions to be asked are: (i) Can they be stopped? (ii) if, so at what cost (both financially, and risk of unintended consequences like something worse moving in there)?

I have listened to each of the Dems speak on this issue, and they each have said, that while they rather a waste operation not exist down there, it would be sort sighted not to evaluate all the information and pursue all avenues. To me, such well rounded approach is MUCH beter for our interest then a flat “no negotiation, no compromise” stance.

Honestly, everytime I think of the Schmidt administration I get ticked off because I feel that this town has not moved ahead in two years. I moved to Croton because I believed it to be a forward looking town, one that thought years ago: “wouldn’t it be nice if the village took control of our valuable waterfront property” and did so (unlike any other Hudson rivertown). In fact when I saw Schmidt down at the train station this morning, I was tempted to ask him, how long has it been since you were last down here? Did you notice the mess across the way in the flooded lots? Did you notice how commmuters race to their cars because the traffic out of the lot is awful? Do you care at all about commuters or are you just grubbing for votes? If you ask me, its the later because Schmidt hasn’t done a damn thing for commuters other than raise the parking rates (to the highest in the area).

Thus, I ask you Devil, how are the Republicans better for business or Croton in general?

On March 19, 2007 6:37 PM, KWilly said:

Read my letter to the editor i wrote 2 weeks ago thats in Crotonblog and the Gazette. The Crotonblog letter is longer and more detailed. The letter gives insight into a non 1A Croton Point Avenue Issues. This is NOT the most important issue. There is not a single issue that is most important. Almost all of the things that has happened in the last 2 years were the results of the Elliot years.

Regarding your point i didn’t embark on you possibly can do something like that under negotiations but if negotiations fail i don’t think you can do that or its less likely.

On March 19, 2007 6:28 PM, Devil's Advocate said:

Kwilly and Just the Facts:

My suggesting regarding weight and vehicle type restrictions on village roads and strict enforcement would work regardless of which company would be trying to open at the Metro Enviro site. At the very least it would restrict access to the site to the entrance and exit ramps off of 9A. In addition, this was just an example of an “outside the box”alternative to negotiating. There are many ways to skin a cat. I belive the democrats approach is just a miopic as the Republican stance.

Regarding hideous affordable housing,take a look at the development on Mt Airy Road or Bank Street. They are disgraceful

Just the Facts: I agree with you on the lack of forward progress by the SWchmidt administration. If you re-read my original post, you will see I am less than impressed with their work ethic and competance.

So I pose the question, do I vote for the less than capable Rebublicans who I feel better represent the interests of the village, or the Democrats whose policies I believe are misguided but who clearly are more competant?

Any other thoughts?

On March 19, 2007 4:29 PM, KWilly said:

“I ask you, where is Brennan’s Community Center, or how about at least the plan for one like he promised?”

To be fair there has been a committee developed. This committee was filled with friends of the mayor and other republicans and they didn’t even put in teenagers which is something they promised. It takes time to plan a good community center out however the road the community center has taken so far has been weak. The survey received weak responses, was badly written, and didn’t get out to many of groups that will be stakeholders in it.

  • Kevin W. Davis

On March 19, 2007 4:18 PM, Just The Facts said:

Devil’s Advocate,

While I hear you on your qualms with the Democrats, I think that you are overly simplifying some of these issues.

1) Metro Enviro Site. It is not as simple as just choking off the roads into the site. In particular, do you honestly believe that Croton could except out all of the “local businesses” such as Franzoso and then arbitrarily exclude out Buffalo Southern? Do you honestly think that a well funded entity which has already proved its willingness to outspend Croton on the Legal front would let this stand and cry mercy? Unlikely. The fact of the matter is that the issues surrounding this site are complicated and there is no easy solution. Just saying “No” as the Republicans/Alliance Members would have us do, is not a realistic or feasible plan. While it has the simplicity that a fifth grader could understand, it is simply not practical. Real world problems often require more nuanced solutions.

2) Croton Landing. I will mostly leave aside the question as to whether or not it is neighborly to exclude out non-residents (other than to say, have you ever visted New York’s Central Park? Would you like to be told you couldn’t enter because you don’t pay NYC taxes). The fact of the matter is that no such landing at all would have existed had the republicans been in charge when this site was proposed to be devloped.

Finally a word should be said abouth the Schmidt Administration’s accomplishments, or lack thereof for the past two years. I ask you, where is Brennan’s Community Center, or how about at least the plan for one like he promissed? Where is the Farmer’s Market that they ran on last year? Where is the more open government? There are many others, perhaps others would care to join me in listing out broken promisses and campaign pledges. Where is anything of substance? The truth is there is nothing to show for the Schmidt administration other than well over $1,000,000 in legal fees that have gotten us nowhere.

It seems to me that Schmidt, similar to the leader of his former ticket (G.W. Bush), has lead us down an expensive path without evaluation alternatives, planing or end strategies. But, it may not be too late to fix these problems, but the time for a change is now.

On March 19, 2007 4:02 PM, KWilly said:

Devil’s Advocate,

1) “If we win, they are gone for good.” Actually if we win Greentree Realty still owns the property and another Construction & Demolition Debris Transfer Station permit application will come in the next day so it will be deja vu all over again. We will have to drain our village our financially to keep doing this pattern.

2) Yes the blog is slanted toward the Dems but the Gazette is to. Only difference is that the Blog is at least honest and forthright about it and the Gazette does shifty little things to help the Republicans while at the same time seeming fair and balanced. When my dad who is an Environmental Lawyer and Ex-Chairmen of the Metro Enviro Committee wrote a letter to the Gazette about the no negotiating stance the Gazette didn’t publish it while the published a letter from Marc Aarons which was longer and he is not an Environmental Lawyer. Also i was on the Croton Democrats Nominating Committee and we made a request to post a notice in the Gazette about it. It took 2 weeks after Gary said he would publish it for it to get published. This apparently happens every year.

3) On the Comprehensive Plan in the long run it is good that it is restrictive. If it wasn’t restrictive we may have less diversity in our business because the businesses that come in quick and set up shop are Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Rite Aid, and other big box stores. Stores like Zeytinia and the Black Cow take years to come into town but in the long run it is good to have them in the village.

4) On affordable housing where are the units that look hideous? I used to live at Half Moon Bay where we had a few units that were part of the affordable housing and they looked the same as the market priced units. While I’m on the point of affordable housing i should also point out that what the village does with affordable housing is whenever new housing is built they take a house or two and make that affordable housing while the other houses that were built were market priced. I needed to put that out there because of the Tom Brennan statement where he said that the Democrats wanted low-income housing by the train station. First of all I’m an establishment democrat and i did not hear a peep about this until i heard it from a non-dem. Second of all if there was to be affordable housing at the train station it would only be a few units with the rest market priced.

5) “I would much rather see a sponsorship sign at Croton Landing than picnic with carloads of drunks from the Bronx (if you have ever been to Croton Point park on a weekend in the summer, you know what I’m talking about).” First of all i scooter to Croton Landing all the time and i dont see the carloads of drunk people from the Bronx. I do see Hispanics who speak Spanish who fish but they are not drunk. I think if those people were white you wouldn’t notice that they were not from Croton because they probably don’t bother you. It sends a bad message to out of towners if we close off our town to them. One question that you should ask yourself is have you been to a park in another town before. As for Croton Point on the summer that stuff does go on however that is county owned and not town owned.

6) If you have any questions please email me at

  • Kevin W. Davis

On March 19, 2007 1:59 PM, Devil's Advocate said:

I am really torn this election. I feel as if the Republican candidates do not have the compentancies and\or polish of their Democratic counterparts, however I do feel their general stance on the issues is more in line with the average citizens’ desires for the village.

Since this blog has become over-the-top slanted toward the Democrats, I will start with my reservations about them:

1) I think if we had the simple choice of Regus being open or closed, the majority of the residents prefer it closed. I have heard no “out of the box” thinking from the democrats re. this complex problem aside from negotiating. Now that we control Croton Point Avenue and many other arteries into the Metro Enviro site, why not impose weight and vehicle type restriction on our streets and roads, with local contractors having a way of bipassing this restriction via permits. If we lose the current round of court battles, we can choke them off by restricting access to the site until we reach a responsible solution. If we win, they are gone for good.

2) The zoning coming out of the Comprehensive Plan is far too restrictive to promote a diverse business environment in Croton. There was public input into the process, but not by developers and entrepeneurs who understand business economics first hand. The Republican team definately has the upper hand in real life business experience (not salaried employee mentality). I can’t help but think that the Comprehensive Plan, even with input from the public, is still more of a wishful thinking attempt to turn Croton into Mayberry, and is not rooted in reality. It is also hipocritical. This democratic majority and prior Democratic administrations have brought some of the worst designed, hideous looking affordable housing to our village I have ever laid eyes on.

3) Although Croton Landing is beautiful, it is now open to the general public (not just Crotonites) because we took grant money from NYS. These improvements could have easily been accomplished through public-private sector partnerships and kept this property (which we paid for) our and ours alone. Do you think successful local businesses like Franzoso Contracting or Max Finkelstein Tire Wholesalers for example, who get rich because WE let them operate in Croton, wouldn’t or shouldn’t kick in resources and manpower to pave a 1/4 mile walking trail so we can keep control of Croton Landing? I would much rather see a sponsorship sign at Croton Landing than picnic with carloads of drunks from the Bronx (if you have ever been to Croton Point park on a weekend in the summer, you know what I’m talking about). The current Democratic administration is so reviled by the business community that they have no credibility and therefore no effectiveness in this regard.

Now for my gripes with the Republicans:

1) You need to be competant enough to hold a legal nominating causus … period!

2) You need use e-mail. It is absolutely rediculous in 2007 not to use e-mail and NOT to respond to the constant assault on this blog (not “chat room”)

3) You need to disassociate yourselves publically with “Concerned Citizens of Croton”

4) You need to have a grasp of the english language. If you are not sure of the meaning of a word, DON’T USE IT, especially on a televised Board Meeting or Debate.

I could go on and on, but would love others to chime in at the 11th hour to help myself (and probably many others) decide who to vote for on this critical election day.


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