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More Lies from Croton's Alliance Party

March 19, 2007

Off the grapevine. Crotonblog hears from reliable sources that an Alliance Party candidate was unhappy because Ann Gallelli had the village plow the Gallelli driveway.

Crotonblog immediately contacted Ken Kraft, the Department of Public Works Superintendent, who vehemently denied the allegation. He said, “We wouldn’t do it, it’s against the rules. I wasn’t here this weekend. No, I don’t believe what I’m hearing. I’m kinda shocked. No way we did it. No way would we go up someone’s driveway. We’ve never done it before. Why begin now?” Mr. Kraft continued, “The plows are not allowed to go off the roads. In 12 years with the DPW, I’ve never gotten a call like this before. Never had an allegation. You’re not allowed to do that. I can give you grant assurance that we didn’t.”

To further disprove this desperation tactic by the Alliance Party, in the picture below, Trustee Ann Gallelli’s husband John, holds a copy of today’s Journal News to confirm the date the photo was taken. The photo clearly shows the unplowed condition of the Gallelli driveway.


On March 19, 2007 12:24 PM, weewill said:

I thought I’d lived long enough and been involved in political campaigns often enough so that I could never be surprised by any sort of sneak attack 24 hours before the elections. Not so. This one makes me sick to my stomach and is even more pre-meditated and despicable than the infamous “Low Income Housing Coming to Your Neighborhood” yellow flyer engineered by this same group two years ago.

A picture is worth a thousand words so obviously this is another attempt to lie and slander Ann Gallelli.

The “unhappy Alliance Party candidate”, be it Greg Schmidt, Tom Brennan or Susan Konig, should have the courage to publicly register his or her complaint at tonight’s village board meeting. Mayor Schmidt and Trustee Brennan have a responsibility to investigate such a charge if for no other reason than to sanction and discipline the Public Work employees if they find it to be true. Failing that, they need to ensure the public that as a result of their investigation they found no basis for the charge…

This is a cheap, sneak attack leveled at both Ann Gallelli and our Department of Public Works. It needs to be corrected or clarified before the voters go to the polls tomorrow.



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