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Crotonblog Announces Staff Additions

April 1, 2007

The number of readers visiting Crotonblog and the number of pages they view have increased astronomically. As a consequence Crotonblog has been forced to make additions to its staff and to divide the staff into departments, following the practice of traditional newspapers. Here are the new staff members whose bylines will be appearing and the departments to which they have been assigned:

Managing Editor: Ivana Doolittle

Copy Editor/Proofreader: Mark Miewords

Political Editor: Bill Loni

Sports Editor: Jim Nasium

Food Editor: Cole Kutz

Beauty Editor: Anita Bath

Society Page Editor: Mahatma Kane Jeeves

Theatre Critic: I. Seymour Shoze

Film Critic: Frank N. Stein

Crotonblog has retained the well-known law partnership of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe in New York City to handle its legal affairs. This white-shoe Wall Street firm is associated with the respected British firm of Sue, Grabbitt & Runne in London, who will handle legal problems in the U.K.


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