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Croton Dodge Vacates Harmon Site while Adjacent Parcel Hits Market

April 3, 2007


More commercially-zoned real estate has come on the market in Croton. In the Croton Harmon gateway area, Croton Dodge has given up its $25,000 monthly lease in favor of consolidating sales and service operations at the Croton Auto Park, also located on South Riverside Avenue—less than a mile away—at Municipal Place. Under the same ownership, the Dodge and Chrysler brands will be marketed along side General Motors and Jeep vehicles.

Croton Dodge has also vacated the storage lot between Oil City and Croton Exxon, also on South Riverside Avenue, as pictured below.


Around the corner, on Croton Point Avenue, a double lot—with a multi-family rental unit and an adjoining vacant parcel, has been listed for sale with Vijay Realty.



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