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Asking Residents for Their Support in School Board Election from Teri Lukin

May 11, 2007

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To the Croton Community,

I am writing to ask you to support me as a write-in candidate in the upcoming School Board Member Election for the Croton-Harmon School District.

Having served the community in a variety of roles, I feel I can offer a fresh perspective that reflects the values of the parents and residents of the district. As President of Croton Little League from 2001 to 2006, I learned how a board with diverse perspectives can best work together to move forward on shared goals. During the seven years I served on the Little League Board, I often collaborated with Croton Village and School District officials and have developed a good understanding of both governing systems.

My family and I have been residents of Croton since 1987. I have two children, one in the Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School and one in Croton-Harmon High School. This year, I joined the board of CHEF—the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation—and also served on the CHHS Building Planning Council, as a PTSA representative. I am also serving on our district-wide Wellness Committee, creating an overarching Wellness Policy to guide students to healthy lifestyles through sound nutritional choices and physical fitness.

I work part-time as the Director of Health Services and Work Life Initiatives at Time Inc. Trained as a nurse practitioner, I run an in-house medical clinic providing health care and wellness services to 4,000 employees. My experience on Time’s Human Resources Leadership Team has brought me management and staff development skills that will enhance my ability to serve the community as a school board trustee.

I have always valued the special qualities of a Croton education; we are a small district with many fine programs and ambitious initiatives. As a board member, I will work hard to preserve that unique Croton character, while listening carefully to the community for their ideas and input. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with board members and school administrators to continue to offer a quality education and yet remain financially responsible to the public.

The Statewide Budget Vote and School Board Member Election will take place on Tuesday, May 15, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm, at the CHHS gym. To cast a write-in vote, look for the tab at the top of the voting machine. Push it up, and you will then see paper on which to write. It is important that my name is spelled correctly when written on the ballot. When you exit the voting booth, pulling the lever will reset the paper so that your vote is cast, and there will be new blank paper for the next voter. The officials at the polling place can also assist you with the write-in procedure.

Thank you for your consideration.


Teri Lukin

On May 11, 2007 3:23 PM, Leo Wiegman said:

School board and school budget elections come along mid-May every year. But what does not happen very often will happen next week in the Croton-Harmon School District. One candidate will be on the ballot while two school board posts are up for election.

Certainly the one official candidate, Beth Roth, who filed nomination petitions and is seeking re-election, is very deserving of our votes for her second term.

That leaves the second slot to be filled by a write-in candidate. So a willing person whose name is written in more often than any other on May 15 will be elected to our School Board. District officials are hard-pressed to recall a past election in which fewer candidates than openings were on the ballot. This year, the too-few-candidates-phenomenon is happening in only 2 school districts in Westchester, that I can find: Croton-Harmon and Mount Pleasant.

Teri Lukin has tossed her name into the “write in ring.” Teri would be an excellent board member. She has plenty of great experience as a parent of school age children, board member of the Croton Harmon Education Foundation, and outgoing president of the Croton Little League.

I always find Teri to be a terrific listener, open-minded. and clear about the big priorities. It is terrific for us all that she has jumped into the breach. Teri’s day job as health services director for a publisher with 4,000 employees also gives her plenty of chops in managing-a-complex-service-provider.

Leo Wiegman

PS Today we suddenly now have 3 great write-in candidates for May 15, where 3 days ago, we had none. That is great for our small ‘d’ democratic process!


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