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Latest Nathan Bedford Forrest Awards Announced

June 5, 2007


Who and what you may ask was Nathan Bedford Forrest, and what are the awards that bear his name? Forest was a frequently victorious Confederate cavalry general during America’s Civil War. When asked how he managed to win so many engagements, his response was that he made it a practice “to git thar fustest with the mostest.” Crotonblog aims to do the same with our news stories.

In traditional media, being first in acquiring and publishing an important news story is known as “scooping the competition.” Recently, we noticed a peculiar phenomenon. Whenever Crotonblog printed a news story about Croton, it was inevitably followed a day or two or even later by a similar story in The Journal News without a nod to Crotonblog. An old proverb says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But imitation is also the sincerest form of unoriginality and a clear indicator of laziness.

Pardon us for preening, but we created the Nathan Bedford Forrest Award to take note of the occasions when the Journal News subsequently covers a Crotonblog news story. Call it a spit medal that we confer on ourselves each time the newspaper giant, part of the largest and richest chain of newspapers in the United States, belatedly follows our lead. Here’s the updated list of our “scoops”:



The Journal News

The Croton Follies: A Report on the Village Board Meeting of May 21, 2007,” June 3, 2007
I Say ‘Restrict Carrying Capacity not the Public’ from Mayo’s Landing,” May 29, 2007
“New restrictions on access to Croton River,” June 5, 2007
Croton-on-Hudson Trustees Resolve to Buy ‘Gateway’ Land Parcel,” February 22, 2007 “‘Gateway’ parcel to be purchased by Croton,” February 28, 2007
A Satirical Report on Croton’s Feb. 5 Village Board Meeting,” February 7, 2007 “Opponents criticize Croton rail transfer station,” February 8, 2007
Gallelli, Odland, Wiegman Seek Nod from Democrats for Croton’s Upcoming Mayoral & Trustee Elections,” December 18, 2006 “Gallelli announces 2nd mayoral run in Croton,” December 25, 2006
PVC Middle School Warns Parents of ‘The Choking Game’,” December 1, 2006 “Local schools warn students, parents about ‘The Choking Game’,” December 21, 2006
Gypsum Transloading Begins at 1A Croton Point Avenue,” November 11, 2006 “Transfer station up and running in Croton,” November 15, 2006
President Clinton to Stump for John Hall in Cortlandt,” October 29, 2006 “Bill Clinton stumps for John Hall in Cortlandt,” October 30, 2006
Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right…,” October 4, 2006 “Croton day care facility again seeks new home,” October 27, 2006
Trustee Kane Announces More Croton River Funding and Upcoming Public Meeting,” August 28, 2006 “Croton River Compact proposed,” September 18, 2006
Schmidt, Brennan Opposed Ballfield Deal with Westchester County,” August 1, 2006 “Village takes over Croton Point playing fields,” August 15, 2006
Trustee Kane Seeks Help from Neighboring Officials to End Abuses on Croton River,” July 19, 2006 “Parties at river frustrate Croton,” July 23, 2006
Croton’s Curbside Recycling Program Tops in County,” July 6, 2006 “Report card ranks local recycling effort,” July 11, 2006
Croton Residents Form New Bike-Pedestrian Master Plan Committee,” June 9, 2006 “More biking, walking paths recommended in Croton,” June 14, 2006
Fate of Croton Daycare Center Hangs in the Balance…,” May 11, 2006 “Croton church orders day care to vacate,” May 12, 2006
Village of Croton-on-Hudson Wins Contest for Best Tasting Water in Westchester County,” April 21, 2006 “Croton-on-Hudson wins title for having best-tasting water,” April 22, 2006
Village of Croton-on-Hudson Proposes 9.43 Percent Tax Rate Increase,” March 21, 2006 “Croton proposes nearly 10% tax hike,” March 24, 2006
Flood Waters Swamp Cars Again in Croton Harmon Commuter Parking Lot,” January 19, 2006 “Croton aims to curb floods at rail-station lot,” January 26, 2006
Village and School District Partner on Croton Point Ball Fields,” January 5, 2006 “Croton debates if fields too costly for residents,” January 23, 2006
A Taxing Proposal,” October 6, 2005 “Croton property owners to pay sewer fee,” November 14, 2005
On February 19, 2007 4:37 AM, sacklabs said:

I stand corrected. The Nathan remains uncontested!

On February 18, 2007 9:18 PM, TeaDrinker said:

Sorry “Sacklabs”, The Journal News did not “beat the blog to the punch with a story about the loss of the GOP line in the Croton ballot.” We posted that news story on February 14, 2007—the day before The Journal News.

However, Mr. Marchant did indeed kinda scoop the blog with a story titled, “Solutions to flooding problems at Croton-Harmon station mulled,” on February 18, 2007.

In fact, we still haven’t reported on the propsed flooding remediation plans.

Though we did first report on Croton’s new weather monitoring system on February 10, 2007. And, Mr. Marchant did indeed weave that into his story. So, he picked and chose a little.

But wait. Hold the presses! It was Gary Cahill, publisher of The Gazette who really gets full credit and “The Forrest Award” because he broke the train station parking lot flooding proposal story after attending a village work session in his paper on February 15, 2007, not Robert Marchant.

On February 18, 2007 8:22 PM, sacklabs said:

Chalk one up for the Journal news. Looks like they beat the blog to the punch with a story about the loss of the GOP line on the Croton ballot. Their story appeared a few days prior to Croton Blog’s.

On December 26, 2006 11:34 AM, Suburbarazzi said:

Outstanding! Any chance we can nominate one of our stories for a Nathan Bedford Forrest Award?


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