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June 12, 2007

Here we go again… a long, hazy, lazy summer ahead of us. We have so much to be thankful for and to enjoy here in our hometown. Let’s start by rejoicing that the recent election season and campaigns here in Croton are over. Win, lose or draw, we had good people who were willing to “put themselves out there” and to give endless hours and effort to serve all Rejoice because they seem to bring out the worst in some of our best people.

Those of us interested and concerned about the past, present and future of this great little village can get pretty passionate about what we think is best and appropriate for our community. And sometimes, we can get pretty aggressive and unpleasant with one another when we try to rally support for our candidates. We’ve come to expect this behavior from our national politicians but most of us dislike it so close to home. We like to think of ourselves as friends and neighbors who will surely disagree on many issues but who will remain reasonable and civil with one another as we work together to resolve differences of opinion.

A big issue before the Village Board at the moment is how best to use and protect our treasured Croton River and particularly Mayo’s landing. History shows that this issue raises its ugly head every year at the beginning of the summer season. People love swimming in the cool, (cold?) Croton River. It’s fresh, clear and clean and is probably one of the most serene and peaceful spots along the river. It’s one of the few places where our residents, both past and present, have enjoyed their evening swims in this special spot.

We are rightfully concerned about the negative environmental impact of overuse on this pristine and precious area, however we must be cautious in securing our resident’s and homeowners right to use and enjoy this area. Erosion is clearly evident from heavy foot traffic and the soil and debris are not only packed down but cause heavy sliding into the river. None of us want to deny access to public waterways to any responsible citizens. As a matter of fact we are prohibited by law from preventing access to public waters.

However, we have a responsibility to protect this treasure and to take whatever measures are possible to ensure the quiet and peace of our neighbors who live close by. The Village Board wrestles with this problem and is working hard to come up with a fair and equitable solution to the problems of over use. If you have any ideas on a good solution, contact either the Mayor or any Village Board Member. Charlie Kane probably knows more about the history, problems and concerns of the Croton River than anyone in the village. He would be happy to listen to any suggestions you may have or answer any questions.

Congratulations go to our village Dept. of Public Works for their extremely efficient clean up after the recent big storm. Trees were down all over the place and they were out and about quickly and efficiently trying to free branches from roof tops and roads. The Police Department and Fire department, as always, performed remarkably and with calm guidance during these scary times and, as always, we remain in their debt. Their recent activities only served to increase the esteem with which these men and women are held by grateful residents.

And while we are sharing news of exceptionally good work by our village departments, this author of iluvcrtn wants to mention the outstanding work done by a small independent business. Our kitchen, den, and office space have just been painted by a terrific group of really professional painters. The “owner” of this small independent company, Ritacco Painting Company, is Bob. He and his 2 workers are absolutely great to work with. They are perfectionists when it comes to detail and thoroughness and do a wonderful job. They arrived each morning at 8:00 a.m. promptly and were completely cleaned up by 5:00 p.m. each day. What a pleasure, especially when a kitchen must remain in constant use. And his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend their work and responsiveness. We love introducing new businesses for Croton and urge you to consider Ritacco Painting the next time you need either indoor or outdoor painting. His phone number is 941-7969 and they are very, very good!

Schools will be out in a few days and the summer stretches before us and hopefully will be happy and healthy for our children. They are our most prized and loved possessions (possession isn’t the right word but you know what I mean !!) and we need to be on the lookout for them. We need to work together to keep them safe and busy. Nothing is more defeating than a beautiful summer that becomes boring and dull because this energetic and creative bunch of kids find themselves with little or nothing to do.

Be grateful for the many things available for youngsters in Croton. We won’t take time to list them all but do encourage you to check with the Recreation Department Office or stop by and pick up a Summer Recreation brochure. We need to make sure we supply them with lots of choices that are healthy ones and will keep them safe and happy. And if you need any special summer help that a youngster might be able to handle, please call the Rec. Dept’s at 271-3006 and check out the YES (Youth Employment System) for willing and able teens.

That’s all for now. Just a quick note to say hello and wish you the best summer ever. We wish you a summer of ordinary miracles - lots of sunshine, good health and happiness.

May it never rain on Sunday; may you always find a parking space at the Van Wyck Shopping Center; may the Canadian geese use Senasqua park only for feeding; may your tomatoes be plentiful and big and red and beautifully ripe; may the bugs stay away from your squash and zucchini plants; may your partner, spouse or significant other make a nice fresh pot of coffee for you before you awaken; may you share an afternoon glass of lemonade (or chilled wine?) with a special friend; may you receive an unexpected and delightful phone call from an old and dear friend; may you hit only green lights on your way to work; may you choose the fastest line in the grocery store; may the music on your car radio be a great “sing-along” that you can belt out with your windows closed and air-conditioner blasting. And finally may your car keys always remain where you left them along side the TV remote.

Happy, healthy summer and vacations and keep on luvincrtn!

On June 13, 2007 7:50 PM, KWilly said:

Despite the fact that we have a few nutjobs in Croton, those nutjobs represent alot less people then they claim to represent. Some people agree with them and are civil including some of the speakers in the February 3 confrontation. Unfortunately the attention seekers are the ones getting all the attention and they are the ones making the civil ones look bad. I know many Croton Republicans where i have civil conversations about the issues with including Trustee Brennan. Even the people who manned the Pro-Life booth at summerfest were even civil, so this proves that this is only a small portion of Croton that is uncivil. Im glad to live in a community which is tolerant of youth, gays, anarchists, minorities, and all sorts of people who in alot of places are discriminated against. Im glad to live in community where there is great local businesses, where everywhere is walkable or bikeable, where people honk their horns if they see you walking and they know you, and where i can feel safe at all times.

Kevin Davis


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