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Yet Another Nail Salon to Open in Croton-on-Hudson

June 25, 2007

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What is going on with the zoning laws in Croton? How many nail salons are actually needed in this small community?

When I saw that yet ANOTHER nail salon is to open in the post office shopping area I was more than disappointed; I was disgusted! Isn’t there already one in the Blockbuster strip? And one around the corner from there…and one around the corner from that one…etc.

So here’s for anyone who thinks they may want to visit our quaint little town: Come to Croton-on Hudson! Have a slice or a sandwich! Get your nails done! That’s it! Bye!

Don’t Croton women have a little more on their minds? How about the shop for rent next to Old Post Road Liquors: instead of another nail salon, (expect it everybody!), how about a shop that sells natural products which may also promote sustainable living ideas and techniques. Something tells me we need better awareness for the future in our town than more useless pretty fingers!

— Amy Gardiner

On June 26, 2007 3:21 PM, Seth Davis said:

Oh, and speaking of those Amazon links, I got a good laugh out of the one to my son’s name!

On June 26, 2007 12:34 PM, waffels said:

judging by the amount of space and the look of what the cost of the renovations must be they are paying quite a bit for rent. Unless it’s front for something else if they continue to stay open someone or lots of someones are going there and spending lots of money. If the general feeling is “oh no another nail place”, and no-one goes it will never last. Problems solved, for all of us non-nail salon people, big problem for the investors.

On June 26, 2007 9:03 AM, al-asr said:

Thank you for explaining that, Geogianna. It still truly is such a shame. One can read about these salons and discover how closely they need to be monitored for the environmental toxins and chemical waste they produce. Some of these toxins are airborne and affect the air quality of surrounding businesses. I hate to think of Zeytinia’s new produce area just on the other side of the wall of this new establishment.

On June 25, 2007 6:48 PM, weewill said:

As one who is not reluctant to criticize a board when I am displeased with something they do or don’t do ….. read on.

In this case Amy, the right to open a retail shop in this location is beyond the control of the board. I don’t believe anyone doubts we need the retail zoning if any of us are to survive with the ever rising taxes. Nail salons, by law, fall under “retail zoning”. To deny a legitimate business wanting to open in a legitimate area zoned for retail use would be beyond this law. The board cannot deny an application that meets the requirements of a particular zone. And the Van Wyck Shopping Center surely is zoned commercial allowing retail shops.

Incidentally, if anyone wonders why nail salon fall under “retail” , it’s because nail salons have been defined as “selling” a service.

And if history is any judge, “if you open a nail salon; people will come.”


On June 25, 2007 12:49 PM, KWilly said:

If it was possible but i believe it isn’t i have a splendid idea. Croton should levy a tax like Alcohol on Nail Saloons. People will still want to get their nails done so they still will give the Nail Saloons business which means that revenue would be generated. With that revenue, you can lower property taxes at the expense of people getting their nails done.

  • Kevin Davis

On June 25, 2007 10:26 AM, Seth Davis said:

You know, it’s amazing that there are still entire blocks in Croton that do not have their own nail salon!


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