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What's a Little Glass Between Friends?

July 16, 2007

Recently, Crotonblog commenter “Gut-C” mentioned four junked cars left in the parking area at Croton’s Echo Canoe Launch.

In fact, the junked cars, pictured below, were left by the Croton Fire Department for an upcoming training exercise.

croton-on-hudson-junk-cars-echo-canoe-launch-1.jpg croton-on-hudson-junk-cars-echo-canoe-launch-3.jpg
croton-on-hudson-junk-cars-echo-canoe-launch-2.jpg croton-on-hudson-junk-cars-echo-canoe-launch-4.jpg

Nearly three weeks later, the cars were removed from the area. However, another Crotonblog commenter, “TeaDrinker,” noticed that glass and auto debris remained scattered on the pavement and grass in the area.

Crotonblog went to the Echo Canoe Launch on Friday, July 13, 2007, found the parking lot conditions to be as described by “TeaDrinker,” and took these photos.

croton-on-hudson-auto-debris-echo-canoe-launch-1.jpg croton-on-hudson-auto-debris-echo-canoe-launch-3.jpg

After leaving the area, Crotonblog stopped at the Department of Public Works to share our findings with them. As we were describing the dangerous and unsightly conditions to the office receptionist—who was unaware of the circumstances—Supervisor Ken Kraft yelled from his office, “I just sent crew down there to clean it after it was reported at 12.”

Since Crotonblog had just been in the area in question, we reiterated our findings. Looking up from his computer, Ken Kraft remarked, “A little bit of glass down there isn’t going to hurt anyone.”

Crotonblog reminded Mr. Kraft politely that any glass and auto debris on the ground was not acceptable in a village recreation area—especially one as sensitive as the Croton River estuary.

Perhaps perceiving that he had said the wrong thing, Mr. Kraft ended the exchange by saying, “I’m not going to go head to head with you. I’ll have to let the fire department know that they have to do a better job of cleaning up their area. Okay?”

As Crotonblog was taking notes outside, Supervisor Kraft appeared with a DPW laborer. Together they got into a DPW pickup truck and, without a word, sped off towards the southern end of the Croton-Harmon train station parking lot—presumably to do the job he had earlier dispatched a DPW crew to do.

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On July 19, 2007 11:49 PM, croton_guy said:

In most cars, the glass is either tempered - which means it is designed to break into small, almost non-harmful pieces - or laminated. The latter is two sheets of glass with a plastic layer in between, generally found in windshields and larger windows. That also is a safety measure so in the event a rock hits your windshield while you drive, it won’t shatter, it just cracks.

So, basically, the concern of getting injured on this glass really is minimal compared to the broken glass usually found from broken beer bottles and the like. Can injury happen, of course, but walking barefoot here at anytime opens you up to injuries so I don’t advise it.

Also, the company that removed the vehicles should of done a better job cleaning up, something that I am sure will be addressed for next time.

On July 18, 2007 2:27 PM, rangerjef said:

Actually it is a “good sign” to see our emergency services training!!!

If there was a site that our Fire Dept, ambulance and Police could train, then we wouldn’t have this conversation. But as all of us know, they don’t.

The tow operator should have made a better decision and should have cleaned up the mess. By the way the vehicles were not being stored at the “skate park”, they were in fact being stored at the Grand Street firehouse prior to being brought to the boat basin. So right there that’s a issue in itself since it’s obvious that our firehouses don’t have enough parking already for our first responders.

In the end next time we can only hope they clean up after themselves. Hey this day in age, why aren’t people wearing shoes?!

On July 16, 2007 12:47 PM, weewill said:

Not good at all! A “little bit of glass” can certainly hurt somebody - especially someone in bare feet! This stuff spreads like a cancer .. slowly and insidiously - These cars used to be at the abandoned skatepark site. The DPW continues to use that as a “storage” site even though the cars were moved to the boat launch.

Not good a good sign at all ! !


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