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'Shout Out' to Crotone, Italy

July 31, 2007

crotone, italy

Long before, the Village of Croton-on-Hudson was incorporated in 1898, there was the Achaean colony of Croton, Italy—founded around 710 BC.

Now called Crotone, it is located in southern Italy, in Calabria, on the Ionian Sea (satellite map). Though larger in size and with a population of over 60,000, Crotone, governed by Mayor Peppino Vallone, is also a waterfront community with Mediterranean facing beaches and hotels that help to support tourism. Despite and economic crisis in the 1980’s and a major flood in 1996, Crotone continues to undergo urban renewal to revitalize its local economy.

Crotone’s main attractions include an archaeological museum, a provincial museum of contemporary art, and the Antiquarium di Torre Nao. The climate in Crotone is mild with daytime temperatures averaging 57 to 87 degrees, a relative humidity of 70% and average precipitation between .5 to 3.5 inches per month.

Neighboring Cantanzaro, Italy, Crotone is accessible to travelers via air, at the Sant’Anna Airport, rail and automobile.


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