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Luvin' Croton in Spite of its Faults

August 7, 2007

We’re reasonably sure anyone reading this issue of iluvcrtn has heard the expression “…love them in spite of their faults.” This issue of iluvcrtn asks you to think about not only what we luv about crtn, but things we’d like to see improved.

Perhaps procedures need to be changed by finding a new way to do business; perhaps we’re overlooking some things that might enhance life in our community; perhaps we should do away with some things we’ve been doing for years that might no longer be worthwhile.

And because we do luvcrtn and because we all have an interest in both the good and the less good, we ask that you focus your own areas of concern. We think it’s a good idea to get them on the table at times other than during election campaigns if we hope to have them addressed. Putting them “out there” is only the start. We need to follow up if we hope actions will result. Living in Croton is already good; let’s make it even better! Here’s some ideas:

  • More “community events” for neighbor to meet neighbor in a relaxed and easy atmosphere. We have the perfect parklands; use them to boost neighborliness and community spirit.
  • The Summer Concert Series at Senasqua is great! Think 4th of July or Labor Day community picnic and fireworks.
  • Bring back the old Summerfest! It’s no longer a “community event” but has turned into a commercial vendor day.
  • All elected officials should commit to using email. The professional administration staff makes excellent use of technology through the village website but there are occasions when residents want to communicate directly with the Mayor and Trustees. Conflicting schedules prevent easy connection by phone.
  • The Department of Public works should be more diligent in care of trash receptacles and recycling bins. No more throwing them haphazardly onto the road or into yards.
  • Act upon long-standing promises to streamline government. Talk is cheap. Action might be painful but is long overdue.
  • Utilize local talent. Establish an on-going finance and economic development advisory committee with resident professionals advising the staff and board in the pursuit of revenue generating opportunities.
  • Examine trash collection schedules with an eye toward efficiency.
  • Enough with “studies” of the RR station. There are at least 3 professional studies sitting on someone’s desk. Take them out and reconsider their merits. Be adventurous and open minded. No more empty promises.
  • Move the transfer station issue forward. It remains in limbo with the next shoe to fall at any minute.
  • A once a year “State of the Village” report. This should be a detailed report of accomplishments and failures in an honest and straight-forward manner.
  • Do not gloss over problems but share them with residents. Make this a true government of by and for the people. We deserve no less.
  • Don’t give “lip service” to insistence on public civility. Mayor must demand courtesy and decorum from the audience, podium and dais. Anything less is cause for immediate censor and adjournment.
  • Uniformly enforce time limits on “speeches” from the podium.

These are just a few thoughts for consideration. Mull them over and if you want to add, delete, or comment on any or all of them, please do so with a return email. We will most certainly pass comments on to the Mayor and Trustees. We think it’s important to share such thoughts and or concerns with our elected officials in whose hands lie the power to change.

Keep on luvincrtn with appreciation of our rich past and excitement for an even better future. Walk gently through these waning days of summer and treasure the many wondrous things we enjoy here in our home town.

On August 7, 2007 11:12 PM, Seth Davis said:

This is a marvelous list of ideas—better than any party platform in recent memory.

This is a flight plan for an even better Croton that will benefit all of us. Oh, I’d change a word here or there, but sign me up!

Seth Davis


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